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    2022 without front/rear park assist

    Keeping this alive, still waiting for mine, 2022 Tahoe LT, no word yet.
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    More secret price increases?

    My trade, a 2014 Mazda 6, was worth around 12,500 6 months ago and got 10,500 last month. Not bad considering it was only 21k new, but prices of used are coming down. I was able to get 4.99% last month on 60 months but rate will be going up a bit more and probably stay there for a year or so.
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    Price increases on Yukon?

    I’m not sure on the Yukon but I just got a 22’ Tahoe LT and prices have been going up even mid year. As an example base MSRP Tahoe LT 4x4: 2021 - $57,500 2022 (first half) - $59,000 2022 (second half) - $60,500 2023 - $62,700
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    2022 Yukon Denali Suspension Wobble

    I just got a 22 Tahoe LT with the base suspension and overall, it is an extremely good ride. The only time I will notice the secondary "bounce" is over speed bumps at over 20mph and even then, it's not too bad.
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    2023 model and speed limit signs

    It is pretty silly that if you don’t carry a data plan built In features don’t work. Does my $66k car have NAV? Dealer: Absolutely as long as you pay $40/mo.
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    Whistling noise around sunroof

    I have had my 2022 Tahoe with sun roof and dealer installed roof racks for about a week now. I have opened and closed the sun roof a few times. I have no whistling sounds at all. Overall it’s a pretty quiet cabin. Maybe how close or far apart the roof racks are could make a difference. But...
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    2023 model and speed limit signs

    When you say mobile hot spot do you mean a cell phone paired with the system or turning a cell phone into a hot spot then having the truck log into that wifi?
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    Onstar vs Cell Phone Pairing

    What is the standard free/trial period for a new 2022 Tahoe? I have seen as short as one month to as long as a year or more.
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    Onstar vs Cell Phone Pairing

    Trying to figure out Onstar and how much of a must have it is. 1. How much functionality do you lose in the new Tahoe without it? 2. If your phone is paired/plugged in will it provide your Tahoe the same internet as Onstar for Nav/traffic and updates? 3. Is there a way to do better than $25...
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    Electric Suburban / Electric Tahoe / Yukon / Escalade EV

    Think you nailed it, what the future will look like. Plus there are new technologies like hydrogen that are up and coming. A hydrogen car, on waste was water, did a 24 hour road race. It had about 8 hours of down time but covered something like 1000 miles. I am not saying this is the answer...
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    Electric Suburban / Electric Tahoe / Yukon / Escalade EV

    EVs have their place but it is a dead end technology. They say we need to switch to EV because: 1. Pollution 2. Drilling for oil EV: 1. The USA will need an entire new power grid to make it work. California for example is pushing hard for EV, but they can not power their homes with rolling...
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    4WD Tahoe LT Question

    Just bought a 22 Tahoe LT without max trailer. How does the 4WD system work??? -It has a mechanical rear locker that is self activated with wheel spin. Is that in 2WD, 4WD and Auto 4WD? -In 4WD HI does the center diff lock? -No mater what mode the front diff is always open? -Is Auto 4WD...
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    2023 Tahoe Buying Advice - Ordering vs Looking For?

    All thank you for the help, just singed for a Tahoe today. 2022 Tahoe LT Dark Ash 5.3 -LT Signature Plus -2nd Row bucket I was able to pay MSRP plus the $1k Costco discount. Gave me within 10% of what Carmax for my trade would but the tax savings made up for a lot of it. Think it was a solid...
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    2023 Tahoe Buying Advice - Ordering vs Looking For?

    My luck they will hold out to 40k miles, just outside the warranty.
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    2023 Tahoe Buying Advice - Ordering vs Looking For?

    Lifters is question: does it matter if the Tahoe is an early 22, late 22 or a 23? Do they all have the lifter issues or was it fixed in 21? This week I may make an offer on an early 22 or a mid 22. I did not know if it mattered, coming from a Toyota I can’t have this thing be down with 10k...
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    Surprising Nonchalance

    I am guessing in 6 - 12 months the market should flip and the dealers will be scrambling to sell large trucks like the Tahoe and Yukon. 1. Moderate job loss coming. 2. Tahoes too expensive for most people. 3. Gas prices staying high. 4. Supply lines continue to open up. 5. Recession coming. 6...
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    Surprising Nonchalance

    It’s a weird time buying a car. Hard to find stock, hard to get any kind of deal, hard to order, etc. As a buyer it is hard for me to pull the trigger on a car: 1. It is $4k higher MSRP than it was last year. 2. I will not get a deal and probably over pay. 3. It will all be for a car...
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    All Tahoes on constraint except premiers?

    For what it is worth my local dealer just added 4 new Tahoes to their website a few days ago… all premiers for around $73k MSRP.
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    Those with 2023 orders and updates.

    The 3.0 seems solid but for me the $5.99 cost for diesel is a lot. Gas is $3.44 in comparison here.
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    Pirelli AS plus 3 vs Michelin Defenders LTX M/S

    Had the Michelin on a 95’ Jeep and currently on my 12’ highlander. One of my favorite tires. Great in wet and snow.
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    2.7 Turbo

    Is there any talk about GM putting the 2.7 turbo in the 1500 into the 2024 Tahoe/Yukon?
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    Buying a dud 2022? Help???

    So I am guessing an old stock lower MSRP is a good find and should be tested like a deal? Or would it be better to wait a bit for a 2023 even if it is a few thousand more? Thanks
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    2023 Tahoe Buying Advice - Ordering vs Looking For?

    Happy to hear I am not the only one having issues buying a Tahoe. Spent 15 minutes on the phone the other day having a salesman tell me why the Tahoe I wanted was wrong and I should buy the one on the lot. Red is better than silver, you don’t need the surround view, they are easy to drive...
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    Buying a dud 2022? Help???

    Why do some 2022 Tahoe LTs have standard vehicle price of $59,000 while others have it at $60,500? The new 2023 Tahoe LTs are at $62,700 for reference.
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    Buying a dud 2022? Help???

    Is it an issue if it’s been sitting for a few months? Or who knows, luck of the draw?

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