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  1. zbad55

    Those with 2023 orders and updates.

    Awesome, same as mine that I picked up in November, what is going on with your SC function? Has it worked before? Were you on a SCmapped road? Let me know some more details, mine did work but now it is not, taking it into the dealer on Monday to get it fixed and will have more info after that.
  2. zbad55

    New Fog Light Observation!

    Yes there was, but I forgot to take a pic of it, next time I see it I will get the number, it did not say anything about what it would do or what it was for. Since the only recall I have is the fog lights I'm sure that is what it is for,
  3. zbad55

    New Fog Light Observation!

    Just received the message that my vehicle was ready to update OTA, I did push the remind me later button as it required the vehicle to be parked for 15 minutes and I did not have the time. I have an appointment at the dealer for some other issues and was supposed to get that recall done then...
  4. zbad55

    2006 Tahoe - Mystery hose hanging near Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid

    It's the axle vent hose and the other end runs up the fuel filler neck. If you can put it back on the axle that would be good, it's there in case you submerged your axle assembly like when backing in a boat ramp.
  5. zbad55

    ‘23 Yukon Denali Arrived

    Congrats on the new Yukon, looks fantastic.
  6. zbad55

    Oh No...Crunch...$$$

    Wow, sorry to hear that, and $6700 is crazy. Hard to tell from the picture but can't they fix anything or are just going to replace all the parts. Hard to tell from the picture but looks like the bumper and fender could be repaired. Hope that you can get it fixed in a timely manner,
  7. zbad55

    Supercruise Not Working

    Just an update, I had OnStar do a refresh of the system but still a no go, they indicated that a technical advisor would be in contact in 3 to 5 days to further troubleshoot the issue. So we shall see,
  8. zbad55

    2023 Denali Ultimate Interior Cleaning

    You can look in the manual as they have cleaning recommendations, this is what I use and it works very good and it comes with a cleaner as well as conditioner...
  9. zbad55

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    I like it, where did you purchase the lettering from?
  10. zbad55

    Supercruise Not Working

    Do you have any idea how to tell if the GPS is working in the vehicle? I guess tomorrow I will try to disconnect the battery for a few and see if that works.
  11. zbad55

    Supercruise Not Working

    Yes, when I try to enable SC I get the message "SuperCruise is not available no road information". I have AC engaged but still no SC,
  12. zbad55

    Supercruise Not Working

    Hey guys, New 2023 Yukon Denali that is equipped with SC and just today I noticed that the SC wasn't working. It was working before because I had used it but haven't had a chance until today to try it again. Not sure what is going on, the adaptive cruise is working fine but not the SC. Any...
  13. zbad55

    Trading in my beautiful 2021 Denali for Mercedes Benz GLE 450

    Well I hope this works well for you, I have same issues with my back and more and I need the SUV's/Trucks to make it easier to get in. I can't get into the cars/small suv's as they are to low and it kills my back trying to get into them
  14. zbad55

    Performance Exhaust/Option?

    You just buy the exhaust direct from Borla which is the supplier to GM or you can buy the Corsa system whichever you prefer. Lots of threads on this with video of the sound also. And you will also save money as GM marks this system up alot,
  15. zbad55

    New side marker lights

    To each their own, but they are way too bright and I agree with not being legal, I'm not a fan of the way the amber side light looks either so that is why I had tint put on them to tone it down a little. They stood out way to much on my black Denali.
  16. zbad55

    Supercruise owners, thoughts?

    I am not disagreeing with you, my point is that GM doesn't really care about LKA. I never used it in my wife's 2015 Yukon or my 2016 Tahoe. My point is to what the future is for GM with SC and UC, and if you prefer they have adaptive cruise which is way better than just having LKA. I'm not...
  17. zbad55

    Supercruise owners, thoughts?

    All of GM programmers are working on the next Generation "Ultra Cruise", here is my take on it and I have SC in my Denali. A lot of people compare the lane assist to other OEM's but I look at it this way. GM has decided to go with newer technology (Super Cruise) where the others haven't and...
  18. zbad55

    illuminated running boards

    I have them on my Denali and they turn on everytime the boards are activated, now if itis daytime they are pretty hard to see.
  19. zbad55

    2023 Yukon Paint Color Options - What should I pick?

    Here is my Onyx Black Denali
  20. zbad55

    Lift gate window exploded

    OK what is an aftermarket heater connection, and why would you need something like this,
  21. zbad55

    Supercruise owners, thoughts?

    There is no comparison IMO, SC is a whole different ballgame. Adaptive cruise will slow down and apply the brakes as well as speed up when in traffic. The SC is a true "Hands Free" driving and is even better when in stop and go traffic. There is lot of reduced fatigue when not having to keep...
  22. zbad55

    Front Chevy Illuminated bowtie

    They have them on the GM Chevy site, look under accessories,
  23. zbad55

    New Fog Light Observation!

    I just received the notice for the recall on my Denali about the DRL's, when reading the recall it does mention that the DRL's are suppose to dim when the headlights are on and in some vehicles they stay bright as if the headlights are off. The update to the BCM is suppose to correct this so...
  24. zbad55

    Supercruise owners, thoughts?

    I will still pay for the options to have the unlimited data and SC features and to include the On-Star features. I get that a lot of people don't like it or refuse to pay for it and that is up to each person, the SC feature is paid for once then you are paying for the maps that enable the SC...
  25. zbad55

    Supercruise owners, thoughts?

    The new updated SC will be called Ultra Cruise,

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