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    Service Manual

    Anyone have a better version? I found this one on eBay (I paid for it). Some of these digital eBay versions are better than others. This one doesn't have actual bookmarked links and kind of sucks. **edit** I found out that the bookmarks does work; I just had to click on it on the left side of...
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    UPR oil catch can drain mod project

    After installing UPR’s $135 catch can kit into my ‘15 XL 5.3, I started to get sick of draining this thing so frequently. In fact, every time I do it I discover that the little cup is nearly full. I live in central WI so it is cold here and I get a ton of condensation. Many threads in this forum...
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    Catch Can ****

    Last oil change was about 2k miles ago. Truck gets a lot of remote-start time during the winter but we don’t really drive far with it as this ‘09 Tahoe has been replaced by a newer Yukon XL. I just drove 350 miles to visit family and this is what came out. This is the most I’ve ever seen since...
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    Rear AC lines: anyone build their own hoses?

    I see that there are $350 to $400 kits that have high-pressure hoses with the proper fittings. I go to and see I can basically build the same set for $120 plus the $109 for a Chinese made crimper. Anyone actually do this? I bought mine with the rear AC lines already blocked off. I’m...
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    Link to 2007-2009 Tahoe Suburban Yukon Esky factory service manual

    This will expire Sunday evening (12/06/2020) at around 8PM EST. Bunch of .pdf's. Check the 2007 folder for most of the stuff and 2008-2009 folders for M.Y. focused items.
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    New condition steering wheel with controls and harness

    I bought this to upgrade a GMT900 pickup I no longer own. It is not leather but is in excellent condition. Includes the radio switches and switch harness. To add the switch it’ll need to be modified; there is a thread here on TYF that shows you how to do it. All sold together; I will not...
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    Will a Kenwood or Rockville powered Sub fit inside the Center console? NNBS 07-13

    I scoured the internets on this and I can’t find any photos. If I pull up the center console will either the Rockville SS8P or Kenwood KSC-SW11 fit in there? I saw a thread with photos for the 99-06 Tahoe but nothing for the NNBS. I am not looking to bump like the boys in the hood I just want...
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    ACDelco getting into the boxed wine business

    6 Gallons of 5W-30 $52 plus shipping ($15) from Rock Auto. Throw in some filters and it’s a crazy deal! Keep in mind their ACDelco UltraGuard filters are like 50%+ cheaper than the big box stores and Amazon. I got this and two UltraGuard filters for the C7 Vette for like $80 delivered with...
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    Oil Catch Can added to a 2009 Tahoe

    I bought this Chinese half-liter can from eBay for $14. It does not have an internal diffuser so I'll probably replace it in the future. I reused some hardware to make the bracket from yesterday's Tru-Cool project. I had no clue to where the PCV hose was and where it went to so I found some...
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    Can I replace TPMS sensor without removing tire? (bead breaker...)

    Anyone do this using a bead breaker tool like the "Little Buddy"?
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    Rusty transmission lines. Does anyone make an aftermarket kit with flex hoses?

    I just picked up a clean '09 Tahoe LT with only 93,000 miles. Unfortunately the transmission lines look like they're ready to crumble at any moment. Does anyone make an aftermarket kit with flexible braided lines (like these for the Duramax Allison transmissions)? My best guess that it will be...

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