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    2005 GMC Yukon power steering pump replacing

    So I did a quick skim of the forum and didn’t see a write up of replacing a power steering pump on a 4.8,5.3,6.0 etc power steering pump. There’s some variations between Hydro boost and non hydro boost but it’s rather similar unfortunately I didn’t take pictures. If I end up having to do another...
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    Check that power steering fluid!

    What’s up everyone just gonna chime in with a relatively simple post about checking your fluids. Hadn’t had much time with the Yukon over the last 6 months, because of work, so it hadn’t been driven much pulled the cap Off the power steering fluid due to a consistent whine after start up and...
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    Sad front differential??

    Well here we all are, I wanted to pick the minds of some experts on my what I’m thinking is a front differential issue. So I’ve rebuilt the entire front end on my Yukon since purchase. Steering, suspension all brand new. When engaging 4WD I get what feels like a big amount of drag. Every...
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    Torsion bar madness HELLLP *RESOLVED*

    Alright I’ve searched the thread and haven’t been able to compile enough info to answer my questions. I’ve got my 2005 Yukon in the garage right now. I can’t figure out this damn suspension. I replaced the entire front end a few months back and a few days ago I got back from work and decided...
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    A shimy ? Left right throw *RESLOVED*

    05 Yukon, 4.8L 4x4 When I bought the Yukon the 4WD was not being used due to there being an Axel seal leak in the front differential. Did a full rebuild on the front suspension/steering sans the pitman/idler arm as I did t have the help to test it properly, second set of hands, and didn’t have...

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