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    Must wait before starting

    2011 Yukon XL 5.3 flex fuel. I had electrical gremlins/issues last spring that turned out to be a bad negative ground. I replaced the negative and positive cables with new AC Delco. Following recommendations I received on this forum, I also replaced the block to body ground strap (PITA to get...
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    Solution to Possessed Yukon - Transmission Stuck and Erratic Locks

    A few weeks ago my 2011 Yukon XL, SLT 2wd 'went haywire' while pulling away from a stop light after having been driving 45 min. The kids jokingly said it was haunted . The locks locked/unlocked erratically without any input. The transmission would not shift. I ended up pulling over to...
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    A/C sometimes not cold when idling

    2011 Yukon XL. A/C works great while traveling down highway, very cold. However, when sitting in parking lot or in line at drive through air vent temp climbs from a frosty 38-42 to 70-75. Not fun in traffic jams at 95 degrees, but also not a failure. Had the charge tested and system leak tested...

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