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  1. Brandon2489

    New top on the S2000!

    Well I finally had time to put a new top on the S2000. Still need to put the interior back in but the latch hooks are pre latched and just waiting 24 hours to latch it down completely.
  2. Brandon2489

    Decided to lower the rear.

    So I have decided to lower the rear of my 2011 Tahoe to level it out. I plan on doing a mix and match kit that includes the following parts. My Tahoe currently is sitting at factory height with AcDelco front and rear shocks/struts with around 30k on them. It has the ZW7 suspension on it. I am...
  3. Brandon2489

    Big 3 upgrade question?

    So I have been looking into doing a big 3 upgrade for awhile but it seems all the videos or tutorial I see have a different setup. It's not that I need a tutorial but more of an observation. Most other Tahoe's I have seen this done to are from 2007-2009. They have the 175 amp fuse located on the...
  4. Brandon2489

    Headlights dim/electrical draw?

    Vehicle info. 2011 Tahoe LS 4x4. Bought with 80k and now has 136k. On to the concern. For the 4 years I have had the tahoe I have always noticed the headlights would randomly dim while driving at night. Tonight I realized they dim when the electric fans kick on. I also noticed the voltage...
  5. Brandon2489


    So does anyone use ramps while they work on their Tahoe? If so what brand do you all use or recommend. I have been looking around and there are plenty to choose from. What material is best? Some people say steel and some say composite. I would obviously trust steel but composite is high on the...
  6. Brandon2489

    To level or not?

    So I'm trying to decide if I should do a level on my 2011 Tahoe LT. I'm thinking of either a 2.5 inch lift in front with a 1 inch lift in rear or just a 1.5 or 2.0 inch lift in front. Question is will it look silly with 18 inch wheels running 265/65r18 Michelin Defender tires? I don't want it to...
  7. Brandon2489


    I have a 2011 Tahoe with 130k on it. I have rust at the bottom of the lift gate but the worst place I have it is on the left rear wheel arch. I have talked to may body shops and they say it's a very expensive ordeal that last maybe 3 to 5 years until it comes back. I have no experience in...
  8. Brandon2489

    ZW7 Premium Smooth Ride?

    Hello all. I bought my 2011 Tahoe LT with 80k on it back in 2018. At 100k I replaced the shocks and struts with new gm parts. Kept original springs. Tahoe now has 130k on it and I just don't get the hype of the Premium smooth ride. Maybe I was expecting something more. I didn't even change when...
  9. Brandon2489

    Normal exhaust/catalyst temp?*Update* Oil pressure

    Hey everyone. While looking through the torque app I stumbled upon the catalyst temps for my 2011 Tahoe with 5.3. Bank 1 and bank 2 are reading 990 degrees fahrenheit. Does any one know the normal temp for this? Those numbers seem really high. I have no check engine light and seems to be running...