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  1. hdrolling

    21 Tahoe 6.2L, starting getting a single loud pop.

    Today while getting onto the interstate I WOT while merging and got up to about 90 mph and let up, then I heard a loud pop/thud in the rear under the car near the muffler area. It wasn't a backfire but sounding more like I ran something over and it hit the underside of the car. I didn't see...
  2. hdrolling

    GM Performance exhaust on 6.2L

    GM Performance exhaust came in today, took me about 2 1/2-3hrs to get the stock one out and the new one in. Fit and finish is great, went together with no issues. Sounds almost like stock, on cold start up it's a little louder on our 6.2L but it quiets down quickly and gets very quiet. Normal...
  3. hdrolling

    LED's in the taillights

    Decided to swap out all 6 bulbs in the tail lights for LED bulbs, x2 stop x2 turn x2 reverse For the turns I installed Lasfit bulbs with built in resistors, but I knew from other posts that these wouldn't work in all the location at the same time. So for the stop and reverse I uses VLED bulbs...
  4. hdrolling

    Adding badges, yes/no?

    Decided to try adding some badges to my wife's 2021 High Country Tahoe, the HC and Z71 don't have rear badges but do have them on the front fender. All the other trim levels have the badges on the rear but not the sides. Decided to add the High Country "Mountain" badge and a 6.2L badge, not a...
  5. hdrolling

    Installed a CAI

    Decided to install a CAI on our 6.2L, cleaned up the engine bay and a little more sound. It's a sealed system so you don't hear it woosh at all but the engine does sound more aggressive when your giving it more that average throttle and really nice at WOT. Easy install and the same unit that...
  6. hdrolling

    Weak engine mounts?

    So far I love everything about our '21 Tahoe High Country 6.2L, except how the entire Tahoe moves when you start the engine. It doesn't make any noise like possible lifter issues it just feels like I'm starting my Harley, once you hit the button the entire vehicle moves while the engine is...
  7. hdrolling

    MBRP Muffler

    Any chance someone has replaced the stock muffler with an MBRP muffler? It's my wife's Tahoe and I don't want it too loud, thinking about installing one and maybe in a few weeks getting rid of the resonators. Here is a Yukon video with the sound clips, should be pretty close to what our 6.2L...
  8. hdrolling

    Pedal commander

    Not sure if the Pedal Commander qualifies as a performance part but after installing one in our 6.2L our Tahoe now feels like it should when we step on the pedal. Pedal Commander PC77 Bluetooth is what I installed, this is our fourth vehicle that we have used it on. All it does is adjust the...
  9. hdrolling

    Illuminated front Glowtie

    After reading the install Instruction for the front illuminated bowtie (glowtie) I figured it had to be easier than removing the front grill and drivers headlight. It was, the plug can be reached from the driver side wheel well easily, and then the wiring can be installed under the black...
  10. hdrolling

    2021 Tahoe Illuminated door sills

    Has anyone installed the illuminated door sills on their 2021 Tahoe yet, or had them installed? No instructions were included and none on the GM parts site like most of the parts have listed. Just need to know what pin in the BCM harness I need to tap into, a pic would be great. I have a...
  11. hdrolling

    First Tahoe

    New Member here, just bought our first Tahoe last weekend. 2021 Tahoe High Country Been a Chevy owner for a long time and also own a 2018 Silverado 3500 dually to tow our fifth wheel. Retired Army, served in the Airborne Infantry for 22yrs mostly at FT Bragg NC

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