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  1. STORMIN08

    2015-2020 rear sway bar drop links

    These were are late shipped item, never installed and now that vehicle is gone. Just found these in my drawer of left overs.... They measure 5-1/4" eye to eye CL. From a 4" rear drop kit...purchased from Tony a year or so ago. $20 plus the ride, includes bumps pictured as well. PM or best is...
  2. STORMIN08

    Classified deals...

    Just dropping an inside scoop, I have a few parts for Lowering listed in the classifieds... 4" rear coils and bumps Shock extenders Mag ride front sensor rods Air ride front sensor rods
  3. STORMIN08

    2015-2020 Front Lowered Magride Sensor Rods

    1 pair Maxtrac Front Magride Lowering Sensor Rods, came with a 2" drop spindle, didn'tneed the rods as we didn't have magride...let me know who needs them and I can ship out Overall length is 4-1/4" Message me here or fastest method is to TEXT... six 1 eight, 9 seven 8, 9 eight 7 zero.
  4. STORMIN08

    2015-2020 Front Lowered Airride Sensor Rods

    1 pair Maxtrac Front Airride (auto level)Lowering Sensor Rods, came with a 2" drop spindle, didn't need the rods as we didn't have airride...let me know who needs them and I can ship out Overall length is 2-3/8", with 1" between threads Message me here or fastest method is to TEXT... six 1...
  5. STORMIN08

    2000-2020 Rear Shock Extenders (Lowering)

    1 pair Maxtrac 2-4" rear shock extenders for lowered vehicles...$40 plus the ride Message me here or fastest method is to TEXT... six 1 eight, 9 seven 8, 9 eight 7 zero. Parts are used, maybe 2500 miles...switched to a Belltech rear Lowering shock
  6. STORMIN08

    2015-2020 4" Drop Rear Coils

    1 pair 4" drop Maxtrac rear coils with Belltech short bump stops...$100 plus the ride Message me here or fastest method is to TEXT... six 1 eight, 9 seven 8, 9 eight 7 zero Parts are used, maybe 2500 miles, switched to a 3" coil as I didn't want to do the free travel mod
  7. STORMIN08

    MaxTrac 2/4 drop on Tahoe

    here are a few pics... 2018 Tahoe LT ( premium smooth rides suspension ) the original intent was to lower the vehicle to a level stance, slightly above the tire. this is a MaxTrac 2" front spindle w, 4" rear coil and shock extender
  8. STORMIN08

    Informative Suspension Details (in Depth)

    All, in an attempt to avoid searching and remembering what threads have what info we all seem to seek out, i would like to compile it all in one. to start, i would like to ask for the following info... unloaded vehicle (roughly half tank fuel or higher)... 1. Stock Z-71 unloaded vehicle 2...
  9. STORMIN08

    Suburban vs. Tahoe C-Pillar trim

    all, can anyone confirm the following... Suburban vs. tahoe or Yukon vs. XL rear door QUARTER PANEL c-pillar trim...ANY DIFFERENCE in size? i just spoke with a company about ordering their vinyl wrap black out kit and he mention several people who have had the XL or Longer versions have stated...
  10. STORMIN08

    Engine Covers

    hey all, recently decided to take a peak at the Cadillac engine covers. it has sparked an interest that i want to dress up my under hood... i would like to aske the Escalade owners fi they can post some pics of the stock covers ??? i notice on the parts site that a injector rail cover seems...
  11. STORMIN08

    Rear Bumper Cover Differences

    curious if anyone with a Yukon XL can inform me if the lower rear deflector has insert tabs that protrude through the cover ? Most part numbers for internal pieces are the same, but the covers and hitch covers differ in GM part number. I personally like the GMC rear deflector and would like to...
  12. STORMIN08

    Tuning Platforms

    is EFI LIVE the only platform used by Black Bear ? i am currently researching having our 17 burb tuned, having a black bear tune in the past...i would like to go this route again, just not on the EFI LIVE platform. i would prefer a slightly easier device than the autocal.
  13. STORMIN08

    Auto-ride PSI adjustment

    Does any one know the psi of the stock system or if it is even possible to adjust it ? My thought is this, in a since of leveling, the psi increases to a hieve shutoff by level limit if i were to adjust slightly, would it in turn apply slightly lower psi ? The more i drive this thing...
  14. STORMIN08

    Painted Door Handles

    Hey all, I recall a couple years back, i purchased a pre painted exterior handle in white from GM... As my current suburban is a LTZ with chrome handles, i want to swap them for painted handles. Does anyone know if these can still be sourced from GM ? Local dealer claims no... Does anyone...
  15. STORMIN08

    NNBS interior /exterior items wantes

    All, Just purchased a very clean 13 BURB LTZ...completely loaded. I am looking for the following and up for trades if condition is right, my ride has 40k as we speak and was an exec personal vehicle...every thing is in perfect condition. Painted BLACK mirror caps, mine are chrome Painted...
  16. STORMIN08

    Need tires / size ?

    allright , time has come for some new shoes.... my tahoe has a 2" front level only. my questions.... does the 285 / 65 / 18 rub more from width or height ? I am considering a 275 /65 /18 , but BFG 's are on backorder. I can get a toyo at2, but I found some bfg 275/70/18 for a steal...
  17. STORMIN08

    tune vs. tune

    let me start by saying this, I have seen huge improvements from a custom tune on my 6.0 powerstroke...and I totally understand how one tuner finds areas that other don't. little history, I HATE the way my 2011 5.3 Tahoe z71 drives. to start it obviously needs more gear, but the shift schedule...
  18. STORMIN08

    torque management vs. shift schedule

    i would like to throw this out to the tuners or those who truly know, I am sure others will be very interested as well. let me start by saying, I love the performance of a black bear tune, but have no way to compare on my Tahoe...I have installed and driven quite regularly , a 2011 2500 truck...
  19. STORMIN08

    options for rear lift

    alright guys, I did a 2" front level on my Z71 Tahoe. love the stance, but I want to stiffen up the rear a little. I have heard of using suburban rear coils , and it may lift 1/2" or so....that I don't mind. my question is, will a H2 rear coil work ? I have a line on a set, but until my...
  20. STORMIN08

    level kit block sizes

    so, i just grab a new level kit from a craigslist post for dirt cheap. it is billet, with grade 8 hardware. my question is.....does any knoiw how thick of a spacer equals x amount of lift ? i would really only like 1.5-1.75 inches of front lift.... i can machine it down it needed but...
  21. STORMIN08


    alright, i have aprox. 30000 on my 2011 z71 tahoe, i am looking to do a level kit up front, suburban springs out back, and am currently deciding on a tire size. i like the look of the 285/65 but want to make sure i have NO rub issues once i do some minor trimming. my thought was to go...

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