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  1. Rdr854

    Service Brake Assist Message

    What sensors in the rear were replaced?
  2. Rdr854

    Service Brake Assist Message

    Well, it happened again after the dealer replaced the brake booster sensor the last time AGAIN!!!
  3. Rdr854

    2015 ppv Tahoe

    Daytime running lights may have been programmed to be off because of it police use.
  4. Rdr854

    616 miles on the odometer and our new 2021 Tahoe LT won't start!!!! P1029 error code

    My service dept told me to keep my 19 Suburban because of all the engine problems. Said the launch of this gen Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban a was far worse than the last gen, which everyone seemingly complained about insistently.
  5. Rdr854

    Anyone installing a Ham or GMRS radio yet?

    A radio shop that installs radios for police and fire departments might be able to help you.
  6. Rdr854

    Should I stick with my Premium pkg ordered Yukon Denali or get one less equipped available now?

    I have the fixed running boards on my Suburban and they have worked out just fine. In my opinion, the retractable boards are just something to break, while the fixed running boards will always be in the proper position for you. If your local GMC or Chevy dealers do not have any new...
  7. Rdr854

    Concerns with new generation Yukon

    Don’t know, but my service advisor said that they were having lots of problems with the motors in the 21s and to keep my 19 Suburban until at least the 22s are out.
  8. Rdr854

    Cabin air pressure

    Is the booming issue more pronounced with vehicles with or without sunroofs? Reason I ask is that I did not experience this with my Suburbans (none of which had sunroofs).
  9. Rdr854

    DEF delete

    Can you do that? DEF is EPA required and must be used if your vehicle came with it. Depending upon the state that you are in, there are emission inspection requirements, which will include verification that the emission system has not been tampered with.
  10. Rdr854

    2016 Yukon, is this a good deal?

    Everyone is correct that car prices are insane. But that also means trade in values are up. while prices are significantly higher today than a year ago, the question is two fold: What is the price of the new vehicle? and How much will I get for my old vehicle? At the beginNing of the 2021...
  11. Rdr854

    Price Gouging

    Good point about when the OEMs book revenue. One other piece of the equation is the charge that has to be booked for manufacturer incentives to customers and dealers and the impact that has on profitability vs reducing production so that incentives become unnecessary. Another point is that the...
  12. Rdr854

    How to refill DEF in Diesel Tahoe

    I have been using capless fuel fills since 2010 and have not had any problems with dirt and contaminants getting into the fuel tand.
  13. Rdr854

    What roadside assistance do you use?

    GM and my insurance company. I also have coverage through the Chevrolet Vehicle Service Contract (which should not be confused with the prepaid maintenance contract).
  14. Rdr854

    Price Gouging

    While profit wise, it makes sense, we have to remember the intangible aspect and that is bragging rights for the most popular vehicle. In the case of Ford, the sales record for the Ford F-150 is coveted and Ford will produce and sell enough trucks so that GM cannot take the crown - no matter...
  15. Rdr854

    Price Gouging

    Don’t knock the Expedition. The new one is not a bad vehicle. When I got my 2019, I seriously considered an Expedition Max. However, for the out the door price, the Suburban was a better value and better equipped as a base LT vs. an XLT that was not loaded. As one who does not tow, both...
  16. Rdr854

    Service Brake Assist

    And, now a year later . . . Guess what. The problem is back and the dealer’s diagnosis is the same — a bad brake booster sensor. I have asked the dealer to find out the why because I do not want to be coming back on what seems like an annual basis to remedy this problem.
  17. Rdr854

    Employee/supplier pricing gone?

    The first responder discount appears to still exist. The healthcare provider discount expired today.
  18. Rdr854

    Just picked up a 2017 PPV

    I did buy two Ford Crown Vic P71 unmarked cruisers that were used by the Fire Chief and Homicide Detectives, respectively. Fortunately, neither car had many idle hours and neither had been wrecked. The only insurance claim for one was for a windshield While I would not have bought either as my...
  19. Rdr854

    Just picked up a 2017 PPV

    Having driven public safety fleet vehicles including those assigned to me and seeing the daily wear and tear first hand, what is the rationale for buying one vs. an LS if all several folks try to do is civilianize the interior to add creature comforts and improve the stiff ride? It would seem...
  20. Rdr854

    Would you buy your Yukon/Tahoe again?

    The Ford F-150 Lightning EV looks very intriguing. Vroom offered me $44k for my truck. An upstart - - offered $52k for a base 19 Suburban LT (no options) with 18k miles. Interesting times we are in. As far as EVs, the biggest issues for me are cost and range. I know others will...
  21. Rdr854

    2021 Tahoe Front License Plate Bracket

    The local dealer parts department will have them. You can also try There is a phone number and email address on the site and you can give them your VIN to make sure you get the correct parts.
  22. Rdr854

    Are Y'all seeing any Tahoes on dealer lots?

    Koons in Virginia and Maryland have a bunch of Suburbans on the ground.
  23. Rdr854

    Cupped Front Tire — Font end Alignment Check OK

    The Master Tech checked all of the front suspension parts and they were good.
  24. Rdr854

    2015 Tahoe LS stumped with Radio Removal

    Unlike the other trim levels, the LS trim came standard with a front bench seat rather than buckets and a center console (which was optional). That is how GM got to the 9 passenger capacity.
  25. Rdr854

    Price Gouging

    If you don’t mind, what was the price in relation to MSRP?

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