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    Are there any 4WD - not AWD - Escalades?

    Are there now, or were there ever, any 4WD - not AWD - Escalades? Thinking that would be real nice.
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    2009-vs-2010 Tahoe MPG change

    Does anyone know what, if anything, they did to raise the MPG rating from 14-20 to 15-21 from 2009 to 2010 models, or is it just BS? All the new 2010 stickers seem to show the increase.
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    2009 Tahoe LTZ 6.2 - still looking - need more info from owners

    I just heard that the 6.2 motor was only released in the 2009 Tahoe's and that they are gone in 2010. Is this correct? I can only find a couple 6.2's left ($60K!) and wonder your opinion is of them? Thinking bigger is usually better, and rare is usually even better than that, it sounds good...
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    Yukon-vs-Yukon Denali...AWD-vs-4WD..towing/offroad...decisions...decisions

    Hello fellow car fanatics. I am looking at buying a new Yuk or Yuk Denali and am having a hard time deciding between the two. The whole AWD vs 4WD thing has got me stymied. Love the Denali, big 400hp motor, nicer seats, more luxurious. But slightly worse gas mileage, and AWD, which I understand...

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