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  1. Rdr854

    Price Gouging

    I stopped by a GMC dealer in Northern Virginia to look at a Yukon XL. The dealer only had Denalis and one AT4. While I understand that there is a shortage of new cars, I thought that a $15,000 market adjustment was ridiculous. I get that dealers are getting short on inventory and that a...
  2. Rdr854

    Cupped Front Tire — Font end Alignment Check OK

    I noticed that my front right tire was scrubbing on the outer tread. Took it to the dealer who said that the tire was starting to cup. He asked about tire rotations and I advised that the tires had been rotated at 7500 and 15k services. The Suburban now has 17,500 miles on the odometer...
  3. Rdr854

    Service Brake Assist Message

    I periodically get a service brake assist message on the DIC of my 2019 Suburban when starting the motor after fueling. The message is there for a few seconds and then disappears. There is no check engine light and no apparent degradation in brake performance. What is going on?
  4. Rdr854

    Is Trading a 2019 Suburban for a 2021 Suburban worth it?

    I looked at a 2021 Suburban LT with no options (so that I could compare apples-to-apples). Interesting vehicle. Nice truck. Better seats for the second and third rows, better headlights, better camera system, and better side view mirrors. Down sides include shifter on the dash, park brake on...
  5. Rdr854

    Service Brake Assist

    2019 Chevrolet Suburban with approx 11K miles. Started vehicle today. When I moved it and hit the brakes, got a grinding sound and a shudder in the brake pedal as I came to a stop. Dealer says issue is with the sensor for the brake booster.
  6. Rdr854

    COVID-19 — Disinfecting Motor Vehicle Interior Surfaces

    Dealerships are now advertising that they will be wiping down interior surfaces of new cars between test drives and before and after service department work. I understand the importance of disinfecting for both employee and customer safety. In reading the can for most wipes, it says for hard...
  7. Rdr854

    Pairing of iPhone 7

    I have a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban LT with the base package (meaning no options). Over the weekend, I replaced my old iPhone 7 with a new iPhone 7 that was issued to me by work. I can get it to pair to the car through blue tooth. However, after I have parked the car, it will no longer sense...
  8. Rdr854

    Official Chevy Navigation Accessory

    With Virginia planning to prohibit drivers from holding cell phones, I am wondering if an in car nav system is worthwhile. How good is the Chevy system? How maps updated? Is there a cost for update?
  9. Rdr854

    GM Introduces First Responder Discount

    GM has followed Ford's lead and introduced a First Responder Discount. The URL is The program uses to verify identity and eligibility. The following are eligible: Paid or volunteer Firefighters, Police — including Police Officers, Sheriffs and...
  10. Rdr854

    Spare Tire

    I have a 17 LS Suburban with the standard 18 inch wheel and tire size. I would like to replace my temporary spare with a full service spare tire. Will it fit in the spare tire carrier?
  11. Rdr854

    Brake Dust on 17 vs 16

    I have a 17 LS Suburban with 18" wheels that is virtually identical to the 16 that it replaced. I Hanke noticed that the front wheels on the 17 get noticeably dirtier than on the 16. He wheels on my 16 would stay clean, while the wheels on my 17 have a dust film on them after a few hundred...
  12. Rdr854

    Paint Color

    Seems like the most popular color I see on the road is black -- which may be influenced by the number of Uber/Lyft drivers in the Washington, DC area. Question - What is the color and model of your 2015+ SUV?

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