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    Is this the heater to tank hose?

    Noticed some coolant loss in my reservoir. No other symptoms of cracked head, etc. Took a look around and looks like one of my heater hoses is deteriorating and definite leakage around the connection. The spring clamp was so frail that it broke in half when I poked it lightly. Is the hose in...
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    Blend Door Question

    Hi all, Just picked my Z71 up today! Love it. Literally the only issue I've found so far is a clicking noise that occurs maybe 20% of the time when the vehicle is first started. It sounds like it is near the steering column under the dash. It clicks for around 1-2 mins and then is silent. It...
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    Joining the Club and Picking Up an '04 Z71

    Can't wait to pick up this beauty! Stock '04 Z71 (aside from 2015 wheels). 170k miles, 47 service records on its Carfax, 95% of which were at a dealership. Also has a brand spanking new (new, not rebuilt) transmission with paperwork. I know about the Castec head issue but I'm not very concerned...
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    Prices are high but what are your thoughts on this '09 LTZ?

    I've been looking mostly for a second gen Tahoe but stumbled upon a 2009 LTZ. It has 202k miles, which makes me a bit wary. Interior looks very, very clean for its age and mileage. Second row captain's chairs. Exterior is also very clean - no dents, scrapes, etc. Some recent maintenance: -Like...
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    2004 Yukon Denali XL - yay or nay?

    There's a single owner '04 Yukon Denali XL for sale near me. It's got a slight lift, not sure of the brand yet. Looks to be in very good condition and has been in a single family its whole life. The only hang up is it has 172k miles. Seller is asking $4900. How reliable are these trucks? I'm...
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    2005 Tahoe Z71 4x4

    Hi all, There's an '05 Tahoe 4x4 with the Z71 package near me. White in color, one owner, 200k miles. Fully loaded including third row seating and quad buckets. The engine was replaced approximately 60k miles ago with receipts. The transmission is original. Other maintenance receipts are...

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