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  1. drakon543

    need some reliability info

    a 2007 yukon denali with 107k and the 6.2. carfax report shows a long list of what appears to be a well maintained truck. i need some info on how reliable i could expect that truck to be as im on a short time span again hoping some peeps can drop me some info ontop of my searching.
  2. drakon543

    this traitor got what was coming to him

    anyone want to buy an 07 mercury mountaineer 4.0 awd premier edition lol. only needs 3grand plus worth of timing chain work or just a whole engine.
  3. drakon543

    Squeaky squeaky smokey smokey

    so alternators are supposed to get as hot as the surface of the sun and make noise as they spin around right? however...... probably should have changed it about a month ago when it started squeaking. procrastinators unite!!!!!
  4. drakon543

    my 01 shadow spirit 750

    so here's my shadow spirit i cant remember if i posted much about it. i keep hitting different spots getting the shine back to it. not a huge fan of the rear fender and lights. bought it for 1800 bucks with 8600 on the clock. needed carbs done and a battery when i bought it. ive installed a...
  5. drakon543

    Bored buying used vehicles nonsense

    so quick back to the fact i sold my tahoe and bought a mercury mountaineer this year. so buying used cars regardless of thier apparent condition always has that chance of ending up being aggravating. to my mountaineer we went and checked it over took it for a test drive all the usual mumbo...
  6. drakon543

    no spark diagnostics link as im not a 90s tahoe guru with everything memorized as i mentioned in my other post about selling my tahoe. i needed some information for wiring for the ignition system on my ex 97 tahoe. above link was a good help for...
  7. drakon543

    Finally sold my tahoe

    well im really a traitor now and i broke my golden rule to not sell to friends and family. sold my tahoe to a friend who need a vehicle quickly and he really wanted it. spent way more on my tahoe than i sold it for but atleast i sold it and someone will get some use out of it.
  8. drakon543

    Running tire review thunderer ranger atr

    so my mountaineer is awd and i blew a tire so i put a new set of tires on it today. funds are semi tight atm but i was actually pushing this off for longer than i should with a mismatched tire on an awd. anyway after doing my internet pricing +obvious install fee then calling around to some...
  9. drakon543

    Corvette parts sites.

    so just tossing this question out i think there's a few on the site with a corvette. has anyone ever used side job sitting in my driveway and im curious if anyone has had any dealings with these 2 sites as they have everything i need.
  10. drakon543

    Posting for a friend 04 6.0

    so a friend of mine has an 04 2500 with the 6.0. its actually a pickup but im assuming the 6.0 is pretty much the same for the pickups and suvs. multiple cylinder missfires only above 2k rpms. most of the missifires are showing on cylinder 1 and 6 i think he said 5 and 8 are also popping up...
  11. drakon543

    This is my traitor vehicle

    so haven't really found a ford forum i like much yet so i still spend most of my time flipping through the new posts here. but anyway this is 2 shots of my mountaineer i had originally grabbed from the sellers listing. im still limping around so i still dont get to go outside much but physical...
  12. drakon543

    its official selling my Tahoe

    as my traitor post we don't need my Tahoe anymore and ive been torn between keeping it and truly just making it a toy and going hog wild with it. but ive decided to let it go and passed the word around locally as ive always had a bunch of people interested in my tahoe. within 2 days of just...
  13. drakon543

    Went the route of a traitor

    so my 97 Tahoe is about to crest past 180k and the poor maintenance from previous owners was potentially starting to show itself. occasionally bottom end noise when id go to start it in the morning. so it we decided it was time to move on. i bought a 2007 mercury mountaineer nice shape no...
  14. drakon543

    Love them gas points

    when you feel like your driving a gas guzzling fuel tanker but you saved up those gas points
  15. drakon543

    01 shadow 750

    bought myself a bike this past Saturday. feel pretty good sitting on it which is all im going to do until riding season comes back. needs a rear tire and im going to do a carb cleaning and other maintenance items regardless.took the rear bags off ill probably keep the small pouch on the forks...
  16. drakon543

    Replacing my diy exhaust with Gibson

    so i finally pulled the trigger as summit had some deals going so i ordered a stainless gibson dual sport exhaust for my tahoe
  17. drakon543

    04 stepside Silverado question

    ok another question for the chevy guys. question from a good friend of mine. he has a 2004 stepside Silverado and wants new factory taillights. some places he looks say 99-03 and hes having trouble finding 04 ones but the 99-03 looks right. however if he looks at the aftermarket "fancy" ones...
  18. drakon543

    well time for new tires

    late and im wide awake so felt like making a post before i fire up a video game. i bought trailfinder tires off discounttire a while ago for something quick and cheap after i let a bad alignment go. so ill have to say for a cheaper tire i was very impressed for the most part. they handled...
  19. drakon543

    2007 Silverado opinions

    might go look at an 07 1500 Silverado crew cab 4.8 tomorrow with 114k on the clock. im looking for opinions on this particular model and potential things i should take a specific look at on it. also opinions on things i should do after buying it if i were to buy it. says LT/ 1LT summit white...
  20. drakon543

    2002 monte carlo 3.4

    so im already on a gm based forum felt like tossing up a question instead of joining 2 or other forums and posting the same. so i might be going to look at a 2002 monte carlo with the 3.4 so its a not an ss. pictures listed its in beautiful shape with ss parts for flare and only has 100k on...
  21. drakon543

    2013 avalanche backup camera

    ive done some poking around here and there regarding this issue and ive found a few possible causes. my neighbors avalanche will either leave the backup camera on as soon as the truck is started. the other symptom is that it wont come on at all no matter what and the green light will just...
  22. drakon543

    A/C rebuild

    ok guys here is one of my last big items to have my Tahoe fully refreshed with 0 issues. so yes im fixing the stupid a/c on request of my wife i dont care about it myself. ill be buying all the parts from rockauto also. when i bought my truck the pipes to the compressor were disconnected so...
  23. drakon543

    Distributor choices

    ok so here is my question acdelco distributor are not out of the question but but i cant see spending 300 dollars on a factory oem part if i can possibly just wind up with the same problems ive already had. obviously cheap reman distributors are already ruled out. ive tried an msd and loved it...
  24. drakon543

    water pump and power steering pump

    so i tackled replacing my water pump and power steering today. mainly needed to do the water pump as it started leaking and the bearing was shot. i did the power steering pump since it had some shaft play and i had already bought one. water pump was a cake walk except the 2 small hoses still...
  25. drakon543

    installed my coverking seat covers

    well figured id post something relating to my 97 tahoe. ive been ordering and swapping some smaller parts here and there. but i ordered coverking black and tan mesh style seat covers. install really wasnt too bad easier than i thought. took more to fix the drivers seat than to the install...

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