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  1. Slow5.0

    Anyone with Replica black snowflakes ?

    Does anyone have black Replica snowflakes, if so where did you get them and post some pics please. I have OEM chrome 22" snowflakes and and like design and i wanted to go black. My 16 Denali is black and black wheels may look better and also red Wilwoods brakes are kinda hidden behind chrome...
  2. Slow5.0

    Anyone installed Eibach front swaybar

    Does anyone have pics of Eibach front swaybar installed, i need to see how Eibach ends sits on corners with end links attached. For some reason my sits on angle. I called Eibach and they said it will be angle and Eibach logo on the back have ti be right side up. Here how mine sits. Btw i do have...
  3. Slow5.0

    Katech 174F thermostat overcooling

    Here is whats going on. At 40k miles OEM thermostat fail, stuck open wiith cel P0128 so i decide to buy Katech 174f thermo because all other aftermarket brand had issues. Right after install this thermostat at hwy speed higher than 30mph it starts to overcool, and a lot. I seen 125f. At idle...
  4. Slow5.0

    Stiffer front springs/shocks on autoride ??

    I just did 2/4 NorcalSS with belltech 2" drop spindles and belltech rear springs and also Wilwood BBK, even before these mods on heavy breaking front end will dip so much and rear will raise, off road display would shows that rear tires were loosing traction. So what can be done to make front...
  5. Slow5.0

    Full size spare wheel tire, pics inside

    Well since i installed Wilwood BBK i needed to get some 20" wheels and tires for winter time bc i wanted to save 22" OEM snow flake wheels from salt. Since 2016 i had 17" Blizzaks mounted on Cragar Soft 8s but with Willwood i needed 20" . So i got black 4 12 spoke Yukon/Sierra replicas from...
  6. Slow5.0

    Front tires rubbing Eibach swaybar

    I just installed Norcalss 2/4 kit on my 16 Denali, also installed front and rear Eibach swaybar. I have OEM 22" wheels and tires. I notice there is some tire rubbing on full lock. Anyone have this issue ? If anyone wondering about swaybar links, those are Suspension Dudes for 2500 truck with...
  7. Slow5.0

    Anyone using Eibach rear swaybar with lowering kit

    Im doing Norcalss 2/4 drop on my 16 Denali. I moved swaybar to the right and using DJM endlinks. Oem swaybar is very close to right side air shock, but its not touching it. So question is did anyone try installing Eibach rear swaybar on autoride with 4" drip on the back and does it touching air...
  8. Slow5.0

    L86/L83.Flex fuel conversion with pics and part #s

    Did anyone did Flex fuel conversion on 6.2 or 5.3 SUVs, anyone have pics ? Also did GM ever offered 5.3 SUVs with flex fuel. I know they did on early trucks but what about SUVs ?
  9. Slow5.0

    SLP resonator delete on 6.2 with pics

    Well since i bought my 1st SUV i tried to stay away from full exhaust, i like enjoy my ride with quiet stock exhaust, Well at least 99% at time. So since KPE maybe out of bisiness, i got 07-14 SLP resonator delete with dual tips. Did some fabricating to make 3.5" stock piping work with 3" SLP...
  10. Slow5.0

    Does anyone using Wilwood 16" brakes with OEM 20" wheels

    I need to know if OEM 20" wheels will clear Willwood 16" front brakes. So did anyone try them and will they clear. I know on willwood website it says 20" wheels will clear but not all wheels are tha same. Thanks
  11. Slow5.0

    Whos using Wilwood 16" brakes with 20" OEM wheels

    I need to know if OEM 20" wheels will clear Willwood 16" front brakes. So did anyone try them and will they clear. I know on willwood website it says 20" wheels will clear but not all wheels are tha same. Thanks
  12. Slow5.0

    Free travel mod passenger side

    On 2015 + on passenger side there is extra bracket for panhard bar. How much did you guys cut of bumpstop bracket into panhard support bracket or did you just stop at edge Here is pics where i stopped cutting
  13. Slow5.0

    KPE still in business ??

    I wanted to buy twin exhaust tips from him but i have hard time addinv to the cart. I tried send him a few emails and even call.on that # but some girls answer it and it was different company, not KPE So are they still in business ?
  14. Slow5.0

    LT headers and Y pipe for Yukon 6.2 with 4WD

    Im sure s9me9ne asked this questi9n but i couldnt find it. What Long Tube headers and catted Y pipe will fit on 6.2 4WD. I have 2016 Yukon Denali 4WD with 8 speed. I search and search and most of those exhaust makers says it may need some mods to with 4WD, they mostly talking about Silverados...
  15. Slow5.0

    Good tuner for ECM and TCM on 2016 6.2 8 speed

    Im looking for tuner to disable AFM and a few other things, on my 2016 Yukon Denali 8 speed. Later on after my extended warranty expires ill do some heavy mods to the engine. I was thinkin HP tuners, Black Bear EFI live or Diablosport. Any of these good and easy to use or any other one out there
  16. Slow5.0

    Anyone running 305s on OEM 22s

    Does anyone running 305/40-22 on OEM 9" wheels. I have opt SEY wheels and would like get more protection from curvee since my wife drive it sometime. Plus looks nicer with wide tires. So will they rub. Here is how looks now Thanks
  17. Slow5.0

    Liftgate not working, well here is a fix

    On my 16 Denaly i had some problems with liftgate this pass winter. When cold after pressing any of 3 buttons or using feet yo open it it will just unlock and start raising a few inches than stop. Than a few dayo ago it started doing same thing but on wark weather. I never had problems liftgate...
  18. Slow5.0

    What happens when someone park in your spot

    Well. I made it home with my 18 wheeler and i have found out someone left their personal vehicle on my truck/trailer parking spot that i pay for. Long story short here is what happen next Nobody know even owner of parking lot who own that vehicle. Well too bad, this is gonna teach him leason...
  19. Slow5.0

    Husky vs WeatherTech vs GM mud guards Pics inside

    Here is a deal. If you have power running boards only Husky front mud guards will clear running board up front But for the rear we have 3 options Husky 59221 GM 22922769 Weather Tech 120048 Problem with Husky is that they dont sits straight down and they dont protect from tire splashing outside...
  20. Slow5.0

    16 Denali winter mode with 17" Cragar Soft 8s

    Thats right. 17x8 Cragar Soft 8 4.5" backspacing and 0 offset part # 3978860 They fit just fine. There is enough clearance to clear caliper. I installed Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 265/70/17 like i had on 07 Tahoe LTZ I did order Cragar center caps 4.250 part # 29271-1 but i didnt like them...
  21. Slow5.0

    07-14 Redline smoke Led tail lights

    I have for sale used 07-14 Redline smoke led tail lights for Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon or Escalade. Bought them a few years back. They are in ex condition and all leds works. They are plug and play I paid $300 for them Asking $150 plus shipping Here is a few someone elses videos how these led...
  22. Slow5.0

    07-14 Yukon rear applique

    I have for sale brand new OEM rear applique for 07-14 Yukon part # 22777530 this is the one without rear camera cutout. Applique comes with 2 new lift gate window switches part # 15798062. Thats right 2 switches. I was going to do delete tail gate handle and use another switch for opening lift...
  23. Slow5.0

    07-14 rear auto ride shocks and compressor

    I have for sale Arnott rear auto ride shocks part # AS-2700 and Arnott air compressor part # P-2793 I bough it back in may and had it for 4 months or 2000 miles before my 07 Tahoe was vandalized with...
  24. Slow5.0

    2016 Denali with some problems

    I bought my 2016 2 months ago. 1300 miles and driver side door panel is loose. Looks like door panel is about to stay in my hand when i try to close door. I will check for 2 loose bolts under door handle. But c'mon i paid 60k + and its already falling apart Also hood on passanger side is not...
  25. Slow5.0

    6.2 Volant CAI coupler too big

    After i got my Volant CAI part # 155546 i found out they use 4" coupling on throttle body. Its little too big. I call them and they told me 4" will work just fine as long i install clamp at the of coupling. Is it just my Volant came this way or all of them came like this? I found out coupling i...

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