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  1. drakon543

    1999 service 4wd issue

    there's shift sensors on your transfer case aswell and the front axle if i recall. if the 4wd shift position switches are getting faulty if the tccm sees an intermittent signal it can cause all kinds of wierd stuff. as exp stated the tccm has its own fault codes that are quite helpful here as...
  2. drakon543

    Rear main info

    well above argument about mobil 1 aside when a rear main is ready to start leaking its all or nothing and will only progressively get worse. nothing you add to it will help much if at all because its a rotational seal. making it to 230k is more suprising for some as a rear main can start as...
  3. drakon543

    Front wheel bearing education

    through the years ive used just about every easily accessible brand of hubs you can get. anything other than timken or directly from the dealership i didn't get any longevity from. they few brands i didn't get to use may have been from skf and other above noted bearing brands.
  4. drakon543

    List you rides from over the years, Got pic's ?

    1988 dodge omni 1979 f150 custom 1986 dodge omni 1992 pontiac grand am 1997 mercury cougar xr7 1995 dodge neon 1984 dodge d100 1986 ford f250 1991 chevy lumina euro 1999 ram 1500 1991 camaro rs 1997 chevy malibu 1994 ford f150 1997 ford explorer 2004 chevy venture 2007 pontiac g6 gt 2008 honda...
  5. drakon543

    windshield wipers not aligned right

    decided to watch that video as i haven't had my tahoe in a while. just like i remember in the video prior to him completely removing the wiper drive arms you can see slots on the bolt holes. thats so you can adjust the arms separately not together as he was doing. it may take some penetrant...
  6. drakon543

    windshield wipers not aligned right

    if i recall there is some adjustment. however as the work was just recently completed instead of fighting with it yourself just take it back to the shop and request they fix it. the wipers are typically removed for the work they did so they put it back together wrong.
  7. drakon543

    Truck wont crank

    jumping the starter can be done with cables but isnt ideal. either way the point is to bypass the solenoid on the starter and force it to try to turn the engine. if your going to try with cables clamp the ground to the starter mounting bolt and touch the positive cable off the opposite large...
  8. drakon543

    Rim sizing is about to make my head explode

    far as ive noticed for the most part when using different factory tires just run the tire size that was intended to have been on those rims and your good. well for an easy choice atleast. plenty of other tire sizes you could match it with.
  9. drakon543

    2.5 inch vs 3 inch muffler

    nope especially with just a muffler swap. regardless of the persons misconception about exhaust systems a typical performance system for your vehicle is 3in. those companies actually spent research time on what the best exhaust would be. going too small or too large can have adverse effects...
  10. drakon543

    1999 Red OBS 4dr Tahoe owner

    easiest thing to check is your pitman and idler arms as they can be checked visually on the ground. another easy visual check is above the steering box is a coupler with what is basically a piece of tire being used as the actual coupler. if the pitman arms are moving and the tires aren't...
  11. drakon543

    No Transmission Service or Tune up

    im going to side with the trans shop that said not to touch the trans. regardless to the type of automatic transmission its still operated by servos and pistons and whatever else that need to be sealed properly for proper operation. if the fluid isnt changed regularly the natural buildup of an...
  12. drakon543

    Best snow cables for 2003 Yukon Denali XL?

    not a thing in pa but again even with 2 feet of snow going up the mountain where i live ive never felt the need for such things. so far the best ive used is mastercraft axt and general grabber at and falken wildpeak at3w. the grabber at had "some" audible noise but quiet when compared to most...
  13. drakon543

    Why are the regional forums so dead?

    i cant say i overly enjoy the area where my house is i do its very quiet and i got good neighbors.
  14. drakon543

    99 Tahoe w/ P0171, P0174, and P0305

    sorry i didn't get to see the original @ mention work has been super busy then i been dealing with covid.
  15. drakon543

    99 Tahoe w/ P0171, P0174, and P0305

    as everyone has been suggesting the intake manifold is a likely cause of alot of your issues. the ignition coil was replaced are you aware of the symptom or was this just an attempt at fixing your current issue. your truck has 3 components up top that handle your ignition and timing. cam...
  16. drakon543

    need some reliability info

    well rub it in more that i missed out lol anyway since ive given up my wife picked a 2015 dodge journey sxt. sooo i stuck a 5 yr warranty on it lol.
  17. drakon543

    need some reliability info

    doesn't matter much anymore at its listed price it was available for less than 24 hrs before someone bought it. should have called out of work dang it. on a side note it was a southern truck and the carfax showed transmission services and checks. differential servicing the works. following...
  18. drakon543

    need some reliability info

    the way it drives isnt a concern to me as how often will it need to be fixed. prices are finally coming back down to reasonable levels on vehicles in my area. so i want to ditch these damn fords and find something ill spend more time driving than fixing. i dont know jack about the 6.2 besides...
  19. drakon543

    need some reliability info

    a 2007 yukon denali with 107k and the 6.2. carfax report shows a long list of what appears to be a well maintained truck. i need some info on how reliable i could expect that truck to be as im on a short time span again hoping some peeps can drop me some info ontop of my searching.
  20. drakon543

    Quality Aftermarket Projector Headlights

    far as im aware they are hailed on alot of places for thier products. i think they also make a variety of retrofit products that are very popular. ive been wanting to try morimoto myself.
  21. drakon543

    Quality Aftermarket Projector Headlights

    spec d is cheap junk
  22. drakon543

    Quality Aftermarket Projector Headlights

    you would want the black chrome ones if you wanted the black look. gives the black look but leaves the reflective nature of the chrome. headlights and taillights are definitely a you get what you paid for type of thing. cheaper they are the cheaper the projector lens is and the cheaper the...
  23. drakon543

    Rear Wheel Bearing Options

    the inner and outer race of the bearings are supposed to stay firmly in place and rotate or not rotate in whichever manner they are used. if a bearing siezes the shaft will continue to spin and become damaged then a sleeve repair can be used. also possible for a failing bearing to overheat and...
  24. drakon543

    Short Tube headers....whatcha got?

    properly installed headers with good hardware and proper header gaskets has never failed me. number of issues with pacesetter fitment tho. shorty headers meant for the stock style y pipe from pacesetter have never actually fit the y pipe. they have given me several excuses yet the fault can...
  25. drakon543

    Where is this power steering leak on my 97 Tahoe 5.7L coming from? (Video)

    just hope you never have to replace the pump and if you do spend the extra and try to find one with a new pulley on it already.

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