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    Stumble/Hesitation AND stalling: *solved, fuel pump*

    So lately I've been chasing a couple of performance issues that I had thought stemmed from a common cause, but now I think not. Problem 1: intermittent stumble at idle or hesitation when first accelerating from a stop. Sometimes won't happen for hours. Sometimes only a few minutes apart. Never...
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    *Normal* Cooling System performance or not?

    Question for you guys on whether I should take this as expecTed cooling performance or dig deeper. Preamble: 65k miles / 10k hours on the truck. All original cooling system hardware as far as I know, but I think the hoses were replaced when Customs had it because the hose clamps were all non...
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    “Service Four Wheel Drive”

    Venting: It’s important for my use the transfer case Neutral position functions, because I bought this truck to tow behind our motorhome. I tested it before I bought it in December. :waytogo: I have operated it a few times since. Today I hook it to the tow bar for a test run and when I put...
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    Rattle in the steering intermediate shaft? GMT900 NNBS

    The only results I found in searching pertained to older models. Just wondering if anyone has experienced a rattle or small clunking in the intermediate steering shaft on these? After I fixed all the significant rattles, like ball joints, I noticed a consistent slight rattle felt only in the...
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    A look inside the autotrac 4x4 transfer cases

    Here’s a good video showing all the major components, how it works, and some of the weaknesses. It’s for an earlier model, but the later generations are very similar.
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    Looking for storage ideas, on top of dash?

    Has anyone got an accessory they want to share for keeping small items in place on top of the dash? Several of my other vehicles have recessed trays or raised edges so there’s a place atop the dash for glasses, phone, other odds and ends. The GMT900 has a flat, slick ice rink on top of the...
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    Part number for liftgate interior trim fasteners?

    Hi, anyone happen to have the part number for the interior panel fasteners that secure the liftgate interior? Looks like the picture below. I'm not finding these in the online parts lookup. If I have the PN I can get the right part online. I've had less than desired results in the past using...
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    Chasing a cruise control failure to engage.

    Just checking to see if there’s anything else I should check before I take it in to the dealer. I’ve checked what I can, but I don’t have a Tech 2 to scan the inputs. Symptoms: Orange indicator on the steering wheel lights up when CC is turned on. Nothing happens when pressing the Set button...
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    Got a question for someone with the OEM trans cooler

    I'm installing the factory trans cooler to keep the new transmission happy with my large tires. All OEM parts. My question is am I missing a support bracket at the top of the cooler? If someone who has this factory option could let me know, I'd appreciate it. I've crawled all over the GM parts...
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    Need tire tools- where to buy?

    As has been the case in every used vehicle I've acquired, someone stole the jack and all the tire tools. Mainly I need the extensions to crank the spare tire winch. I post the question here because Amazon and Ebay are full of clone kits, many of which have horrible reviews, including well known...
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    Recommend a head unit?

    Looking to pick some brains here: Vehicle is the 2008 SSV, so basically the LS. Has what I assume is the cheapest radio GM offered. And the fugliest thing I’ve ever seen, the finish is worn off some of the controls and exposed bright green plastic. What I’m looking for is nothing fancy by...
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    Where did you source a new DASH?

    For those who have gone the OEM dash replacement route, where did you buy it? Locally, or was it shipped to you? Are they packaged to withstand handling by freight companies? Mine was already far gone when I bought the truck, and this task is getting close to the head of the queue. I’m not...
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    How many have these hidden rear door handle disablers?

    Curious to know how common these are, I haven’t seen them mentioned. Found these yesterday while working to remove the mounting brackets for the prisoner cage from the B and C pillars. If you pull on the knob it disables the rear exterior door handles. The interior is of course completely...
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    Building the SS(V) TrailHoe

    I decided late in 2020 I was ready to build another project. I’d been out shopping Wranglers again, and once again decided they lack the road comfort we like in a trail runner. We spend a significant part of each year traveling North America exploring remote areas and 4x4 trails. I like...
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    Any AFM indication without DIC?

    Since there’s no DIC in the SSV, is there any other telltale of four cylinder operation? Short of driving around with a scan tool or something? I have not detected any difference in engine sound etc to clue me in that it’s engaged. I don’t have a real need to know, I suppose, I’m just curious...
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    Larger spare for lifted Tahoe/ Yukon?

    I searched through ten years of posts and didn’t find an answer, although it was asked a few times. So if no one out there has the answer, I’ll figure it out and post the answer later. I’m lifting and going to 35’s, and I’d like the largest diameter spare I can carry in the OEM carrier. Not...
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    4L60E delayed 2-3 shift after WOT application?

    Hey, all, I am experiencing a delayed upshift from 2-3, but only after a significant period of WOT. I'll try to describe how it behaves: Normal throttle, say up to 70%, shifts as expected. Brief application of WOT, shifts down, shifts back up quickly as soon as I let off. Sustained WOT, as in...
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    Replace A-arms complete vs. bushings only?

    I’ll be replacing all the front bushings for the A arms as well as the ball joints soon. Only 60k miles, but they were hard miles apparently. My question is, will there be any difference in performance or durability depending on whether I replace the control arms entirely with new OEM or Moog vs...
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    Silverado grille/bumper swap to Tahoe?

    Hi all, I’m planning to add a winch at some point, and not liking what I see for winch mount bumpers. Seems they are all designed to protrude. I’m thinking I can fabricate my own recessed winch mount and off road bumper. Which brings me to my question: is it necessary to cut apart the Tahoe one...
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    Airbag light DIY or send it to the dealer?

    Or something in between? Here's the story: I bought this 2008 SSV last week, knowing it had a myriad of fault codes. I've gotten everything fixed and cleared up except the "service airbag system". Option 1 (and what I would normally default to) is buy a Tech 2 scanner or similar and fix it...
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    Tire size with a (axle capacity) twist?

    I did some searching and haven't seen this addressed... I'll be lifting and upgrading tires. But to what is the question. Lift questions will come later, as I figure tire size -> lift size. No matter what lift I go with, the CV angles will run straight at rest, just like factory. I will not run...
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    Replacement boots for steering rack?

    Hello all, does anyone know if the rubber accordion style boots on the rack are replaceable? Changing oil today I noticed one side has a cut in the boot. Thanks!
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    Where do you find service techs with PP/SSV electrical knowledge?

    Hopefully this isn't redundant, I didn't find an answer in searching... I've just acquired a new to me 2008 SSV, and while I like to do most of my own work, I'm not above paying a good tech to use the knowledge he has to save me some pain. And my back isn't really fond of contorting into a...
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    2008 SSV..Help empty my wallet!

    Hello, all, I've rejoined the GM clan with my latest project, a retired SSV, 2008. This will not be my daily, but something to take hunting and trail riding when I think pinstriping or paint damage may ensue. Being a retired border patrol truck, it's had plenty of experience with that already...

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