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    Spent WAY too much time researching ride quality of 3" proper lift vs. 2.5" front:1-2" rear level kit for my 2015 LT Tahoe. Suggestions?

    Ride quality is very subjective, and it also depends on for what purpose. The qualities that make for a good ride on smooth pavement are not the same that I’d prefer on rough surfaces. Some explanation of what you do or don’t want will get you some better answers.
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    09 Tahoe, New fuel pump.. fuel rails dry

    There is a Dorman FSCM that is plug and play, ready to go. At least for my 2008. I’ll see if I can find my post with the part number… ”Dorman FPCM / FSCM part number 601-022”. Fits mine, you’ll want to confirm if the 2009 differs.
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    Emissions Question…

    Some emissions checks require multiple operating cycles to change state. When you reset codes the state of those checks is set to ”incomplete“. Basically there’s 3 states; pass, fail, incomplete. So now you have to complete the drive cycle for the test in question to update the status. The...
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    Removed rear seats

    I took out the second row and built drawers for the rear cargo area about 8” tall. Plus a separate cabinet level with the drawers to cover the second row area. So now I have lots of storage below and a level surface for sleeping if I should ever want to. There’s pics in my thread in the Under...
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    Hello Tahoe Duramax

    @CTown Duramax , the logs photobombed your pic in the lower left…
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    Hello Tahoe Duramax

    So, Lincoln Logs, eh? That’s a nice looking Hoe. Word lately has been the diesel production was crippled by manufacturing issues. Did you order yours, or locate it and snap it up?
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    Spark Plugs - 2008 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L Flex Fuel

    I used the 41-162 recently. And the best set of Belden wires available from NAPA. (I would have used OEM wires but no source nearby at the time) Happy with both choices. I have one suggestion. Don’t do number 8 first, it’ll be discouraging. :893Chainsaw-Smilie- And don’t save it till last...
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    @Rocket Man less weight for lower ET. :hmmm2:
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    New here w/ 11 Hoe Mountain/overland build

    Nice, I like the look. I think you hit the right balance of mods for your use. Mine is more hardcore off-road built but I wouldn’t tow much with it.
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    Newb towing a travel trailer-Will lift gate open with a manual tongue jack?

    I have towed a variety of trailers with several lift gate SUVs and have not encountered a clearance problem with a jack yet.
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    Lead acid or AGM.

    AGM batteries designed for automotive use are made to be compatible. Mostly what determines charge profile is the chemistry e.g. lead/acid vs LiFePo or something else. AGM is just a construction method where the electrolyte is suspended in the mat rather than free floating. This is a somewhat...
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    Two key fobs in vehicle

    Faraday bag.
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    Dripping from tail pipe

    Condensation happens in every vehicle exhaust when it’s not fully warmed up. Water is one of the products of combustion. More a concern is where is your coolant going? Some leaks can be hard to find, especially those that only drip in operation. A radiator pressure tester is the best tool for...
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    Building the SS(V) TrailHoe

    We’re gradually migrating SE. In the Ozarks for a while now. Not as spectacular as the western views, but OTOH it’s not snowing on us!
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    Drive Shaft Angle Issue

    Pictures showing the complete shaft end to end and closeups of each end?
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    Would you replace a Trans as preventative maint?

    Hopefully that was the last half hour of the return trip. Maybe it’s shedding stuff and plugging the cooler. And / Or the TCC is shot and it’s running unlocked all the time.
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    First start this morning I got some valve clatter for a good 15 seconds or so. Gauge was indicating normal ~30 or thereabouts. It’s never done that before. :confused: Second start this afternoon all quiet. Filed under things that make you go hmmmm… Changed oil and filter a few hundred miles...
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    front hub assembly replacement (when)

    Firstly, that is a nice looking 2 door! You are correct, it’s a non serviceable unit bearing. At that age, my concern would be whats the condition of the seals. Most accounts I read of bearings are at significantly higher mileage. But when the seals go, and dirt/moisture gets in, game over...
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    2021 Yukon XL At4 Dead before leaving Dealer Lot

    Is this another one-post wonder with no follow up? Six days I expect the problem is resolved one way or another.
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    New Girl to the Tahoe World!

    Welcome! Do consider that protruding tires make a mess. Slinging slush in the door handles and windows. Just one factor to consider. If I was getting dedicated winter rubber I’d use winter tires and keep them under the fenders, but that’s just me.
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    Too much CV angle?

    Lower the front if it binds OR install a differential drop kit.
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    Too much CV angle?

    Jack it up so the front is at full droop. Turn steering wheel full lock, then spin the tires to see if a CV binds. Test both left and right wheels and with steering at both left and right lock.
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Sometimes I click my cap 10 times. I believe the impact sensors are counting the clicks and I am making up the deficit from the previous owner who put a clickless, non flex fuel cap on it. I’m expecting my merit badge any day now.
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    Rear noise

    That’s not a bad price.
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    Newby questions about mounting winch on 2004 Chevy Tahoe 4x4

    You can certainly travel with something on the front or rear receiver, I see many people doing it. Just be cognizant of the effect on approach or departure angles. If that’s a concern where you drive, a winch bumper would be a better choice.

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