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  1. Fless

    Someone close looking for a low mileage Ranger

    Been a while since I've seen roly poly windows!
  2. Fless

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Took 'er into my local shop for some work I can't do. Oil pan gasket & o-ring, parking brake cables, diff axle seals, and a few other things. It's great not having a car payment and I haven't had to take it in for a long time, so it's due. The tech working on it complimented me on its...
  3. Fless

    Car won't start

    I'd be curious about what flywheel issue would cause a blown fuse. Any more info on this?
  4. Fless

    Whistle or teapot noise

    In the olden days we used these to trick our friends, all done in fun.
  5. Fless

    Would '19 Tahoe Premier have wireless Android Auto/Car Play

    Moved you here from the 2021+ section.
  6. Fless

    SOS HELP hood will not close. hand lever will not retract. something stopping the cable from retract

    You're thanking a person who hasn't been seen here in 4 years....
  7. Fless

    --- Photos: SPOTTER'S THREAD (post up all years/models) ---

    Some of @randeez's practice welds. Looking good as far as welds are concerned. ;)
  8. Fless

    No issues here

    Welcome from Colorful Colorado!
  9. Fless

    Oil pressure low

    I'm not sure what OBD dongle @SnowDrifter uses (I use an OBDlink MX+), but the app is Torque Pro (in the Google Play Store, ~$5, Ian Hawkins). I'm not sure if the lower version of Torque allows creation of custom PIDs, but Torque Pro does. It also has a list of extended PIDs that you can...
  10. Fless

    Engine knock and don’t know what it could be

    Don't mind me, I'm just busting your chops 'cause I'm a detail nerd. One up would be 10 thou.
  11. Fless

    2017 Yukon Stabiltrak and electronic errors PLEASE HELP!

    Host it somewhere like YouTube and post the link to it. TYF can't host videos.
  12. Fless

    Engine knock and don’t know what it could be

    Better rein 'em in to only 0.020. Unless you're getting some much bigger pistons....
  13. Fless

    96 chevy knocking noise

    Moved you here from General Discussion, since this is a Drivetrain issue. You'll need to post the video to a hosting site, then post the link here.
  14. Fless

    2011 Tahoe "Grounding Points"

  15. Fless

    Fixing for a friend

    Moved you here from Site News.
  16. Fless

    2000 Suburban 5.3 LM7 Engine Replacement

    It would be a good time to check the motor mounts, and replace if needed.
  17. Fless

    Fuel Back Flow/Where Would You Start? - SOLVED

    Read the specific code with a scanner; there can be a few codes that trigger the DIC message. You likely have a plugged or inoperative vent valve (in the rear by the spare tire). Dirt gets into the breather filter and the solenoid can hang up. Worse than that, you could have a plugged evap...
  18. Fless

    Sputtering, very rough idle and wants to shut off

    Get a good scanner on it that can read what the fuel alcohol content is. Some of this gen had issues with the calibration that mis-calculated the alcohol content and that particular issue causes richness. There's a TSB on it, somewhere. If the alcohol content as read by the scan tool is high...
  19. Fless

    Will a 2009 Escalade captain chairs go in a 2012 Chevy Tahoe?

    Moved you here from the 2021+ section.
  20. Fless

    2023 Tahoe/Squealing at low speeds

    Put your video on a hosting site and paste the link in a post here.
  21. Fless

    Passenger Side DRL looks dim?

    See the other thread, please. Duplicates clutter the forum and spread responses around. Keep the responses in one place.
  22. Fless

    2004 Yukon XL whistle with belt off

    Have you removed both accessory belts to determine if it persists? Results?
  23. Fless

    Fuel Filling/EVAP issues tried everything please help

    I would recommend starting a new thread for your issue in the correct year section for your Tahoe. There can be variations in the evap systems and the answers you want will be more targeted in the correct year forum.
  24. Fless

    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Our 5 nearby u-pulls almost NEVER have any GMT900s. Very scarce around here so maybe the regular junkyards are getting all of them.

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