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    2015 Yukon XL Paint Problems

    they arent splitting anything.... they are discounting it that much & you pay rest ;) most peeps were getting offers of 50% ( i got 50% offer too.... while vehicle was under the orig warranty) but do you really want it repainted? i had my roof vinyl wrapped & am contemplating what to do w/...
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    Randeez 2012 Yukon Denali

    11.6 is pretty dang nice stock ;) do the basic bolt-ons for V & then get back to Yukon :-D
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    Safe to tint windshield 2021 Tahoe?

    70% or clear tint on windshield might be better option not as likely to attract attention ;)
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    New from SATX

    howdy & welcome A-A-Ron ( :anitoof: ) its too bad TX tint laws SUCK i went w/ clear tint on windshield w/ 5% brow (if i ever have replace windshield, i'll go 70% w/ 5% brow) 35% on driver/passenger door. then back doors & cargo area 5% over factory smoke tint. that help cut down lots of heat...
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    Randeez 2012 Yukon Denali

    odd, but interesting option to help remove heat from under hood :anitoof:
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    2016 Yukon Denali - all USB ports dead, fuse #28 is not blown

    if not the fuse, there is a service bulletin for hub going bad & replacing it
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    "Hot" Side Unboxing - Twin Turbo Install

    can always add the whipple Gen V 3.0 to the armageddon kit later ;) :headbang:
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    2017 Tahoe LS Vibrating

    from buffeting/vibration threads... ask dealer about - PIT 5429 & PI1354(something about balance & runout of driveshaft) also look for leaking shocks(MRC or autoride) i also recall an issue something about defective welds on upper control arms that could effect handling & was a recall
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    Mildew smell from A/C first couple minutes

    definitely check your cabin filter. then run by dealer & have them check the status of "afterblow" feature in your ECM. have them enable it , if it is not.
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    What is wrong with my 2021 Escalade? Horrible MPG

    id hazard a guess its either the fuel the dealer used or too much stop/go or idling low octane (87) or e85 will get you fuel economy like that in the 6.2 my buddy's wife's escalade got horrible mileage & pinged a bunch when she filled it w/ 87. she only uses 93 now. i broke my '15 in like i...
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    Its Supercharger time. Supporting Mods?

    thats a tough one... prolly not a good idea to open up the inner fender just in case ;) also prolly not a good idea to lower your ride LOL id leave stock airbox as-is. it supposed to support up to 600ish HP w/ free flow filter swap. if water is getting that high... you may want to look &...
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    2016 PPV Tahoe Paint Fading.

    no recall , even though it should be .... its a wide spread GM paint prep issue.... i have seen posts on multiple forums for tahoe/burb/yukon/escalades. GM sometimes comes back w/ they will cover $2k. most times they try to say its something the owner did... which is b.s. so far , i have seen...
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    Pros and Cons 2015 Yukon Denali

    what motor/trans? & how many miles? hopefully you dont have the buffeting issue depending on milage make sure all fluids have been changed. keep an eye on A/C issue as mentioned above, specifically the condenser. if A/C is working well not an issue also keep an on on AFM check out shocks for...
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    Aftermarket headlights..RST chrome had some options
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    New Member.

    howdy & welcome your ride looks nice
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    Show off your 2015-2016 lowered tahoes and yukons

    ^ b/c its beautiful when clean ;)
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    2017 Sunroof Issues

    havent had issue might not be sunroof maybe roof antennae
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    Finally Installed the Maggie!

    think this was p/n: 84756329 this is area to trim opening to make sure you get all you can into intake (sorry sucky pic) this is how much i cut out to match new CAI
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    Finally Installed the Maggie!

    looks great yup , mine has minimal whine, but i think its b/c im at 9.5#s of boost. & i dont have LTs yet... so its not drowned out by exhaust yet lol heard mine a little more after chg'ing to GMHP CAI & opened up fender to match opening ive heard porting is an option to increase HP & more...
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    Finally decided what I’m going to do

    good lookin color on wrap should stand out, nicely
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    Aircraft Landing lights Behind the Grill

    how hot do those bulbs get? would it cause issues w/ grill slats how does beam look against wall? or down road?
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    Aircraft Landing lights Behind the Grill

    you could use grommet under the brake reservoir , but there are a few items in the way on interior. other option, i saw others use was grommet at front of passenger door.
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    4 Piston Big Brake Upgrade from 2019-20

    ^ a couple of users have ground off that bump & then had no issues fitting rims
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    Brembo Brake Upgrade. WARNING

    ^ yup. i have a 22" transit wheel for my spare fits fine, no issues
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    The Next Episode!

    a new vehicle is always a good present to yourself ;)

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