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    Shocks for 2000 Yukon with ZW7

    I posted this earlier today, but the post disappeared!?!:angry94: Anyway, anyone have a recommendation on shocks for a 2000 Yukon with the ZW7 premium suspension? The rear are I guess the Nivomat self adjusting air shocks, and the ride height looks fine, so those may last a bit longer. the...
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    How Rare is your GM vehicle?

    There are 2 2000 YUKON/DENALI/ESCALADE vehicles (0.003%) matching your exact options list. There are 4 (0.006%) with at least as many options.
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    Rear brake rotors and e-brake shoe issue

    I was doing a complete rear brake job on my 2000 Yukon (backing plates, e-brake shoe, rotor and pads) ordered my parts from everything going as smooth as possible until I get to the point of slipping on the rotors. The e-brake is all the way in, and the rotors will not fit. tried...

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