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  1. camaroz2887

    Rear Wheel Lockup

    Interested to hear the answer, had a buddies 02 or 03 sierra do the same thing at 75mph on route 1 in NJ when I was like 16. It made a Smoke show and spun down to a stop then had headlights coming through the smoke wall at us… Not fun but he drove away couldn’t find an issue and drove the...
  2. camaroz2887

    Lost keys! Can’t program new set. Solved

    Well I got it working this morning. Turns out ya just gotta ignore the alarm or remove the horn fuse and just push through with the 10x10x10 procedure and it’ll work. Seems kinda odd you can program new keys while theft deterrent is active but I guess ya gotta be able to do it somehow.
  3. camaroz2887

    New Impact Wrench

    Another vote for Milwaukee have the 2767 and the mid torque and have only come across a few bolts the 2767 couldn’t remove… one way or another…. But the mid torque is soooo much more user friendly, the 2767 will beat you up. It’s very unforgiving when you have to hold a wrench on the other side.
  4. camaroz2887

    Lost keys! Can’t program new set. Solved

    Sorry thought I put the vehicle info in my sig a while ago. 2010 tahoe Ltz 5.3 Yes, I tried the 10x10x10 but the alarm kept going off every time I moved the key. Figured the theft deterrent would override any key programming. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow. Sure glad it’s not at my house...
  5. camaroz2887

    Lost keys! Can’t program new set. Solved

    Hey guys, Been a while since I’ve posted it could really use your help. After a day at my brothers I noticed my keys were missing(with no spare of course), most likely in the woods messin with my nephews. I got the local Chevy to cut the Kay and now I can get into the vehicle but the alarm...
  6. camaroz2887

    eBay Escalade Keyfob issue

    Any CELs? These truck won’t auto start with any codes set.
  7. camaroz2887

    2007 GMC Yukon keyfob working intermittently

    Have you seen any door ajar messages while driving/on startup? I had the same problems and they quickly progressed into alarm going off quite often then started getting driver door ajar messages while driving. The wiring hot spots checked out and panel alignment was fine so next was the latch...
  8. camaroz2887

    2007 LTZ - No turn sig sound, no rear prox sound, no seat memory

    Did it work after the head unit install then stopped functioning or hasn’t worked at all since getting the head unit? All the noises these trucks make are played through the speakers from the amp in the center console. (Guessing it’s bose based off the LTZ) Use the wrong harness and this will...
  9. camaroz2887

    07 Yukon w/Bose and rear lcd. Upgrading head unit with no rear audio.

    I think Mac man just misunderstood your problem is all. What headunit/ harness are you using? Also is it possible you have the audio source for the rear set to the rear video?
  10. camaroz2887

    Driver Side Mirror Replacement - Just the Mirror

    I think that would be your best bet if you really want new. You could always hit up eBay they had some very well maintained used pieces when I was looking. If your willing to go the used route.
  11. camaroz2887

    Driver Side Mirror Replacement - Just the Mirror

    I remember something about that in my search for the passenger side and the only ones were big bucks or used. Rockauto has/had a unit that will replace the glass but lose the auto dim and keep all else.
  12. camaroz2887

    Side mirror replacement or fix

    For that price point quality is hit or miss. What kinda options does your mirror have ie heat,signal arrow,auto dim, or the biggie expensive part blind spot monitoring. With DL3 optioned mirrors your better off with gruvin because the mirrors are $800 as ugadawgs stated Can’t really suggest...
  13. camaroz2887

    Air Ride Bypass Help

    Should b larger than a normal fuse I believe and also 30 amp. I remember something about an alc fuse but don’t recall exactly. Also some people have had problems disconnecting the battery cable pulling the fuse and reattaching the battery cable too soon.
  14. camaroz2887

    Vibration issue

    Hmm I’d like to agree on suspension and it very well may be but it sounds like an imbalance somewhere but maybe not the tires or rims. Is the road force balance done with the tires still on the vehicle? If so than I’d agree suspension. If they are taken off the vehicle similar to a normal...
  15. camaroz2887

    Vibration issue

    Have you been experiencing this since you got it? I’m assuming it’s up front if considering tie rods and control arms. Have you confirmed with a rotation that the vibration stays in the front and doesn’t move with the tires. Tried getting under there with a pry bar on suspension parts? Tried the...
  16. camaroz2887

    Plasti Dipping Chrome

    I plasti dipped the bumpers front and rear and a few other emblems/pieces of my old ranger. It actually held on very well for about 4 years and was still on there about a year after I sold it. Only complaint I ever had was the fading which really showed after 2 years. It was alright on a dated...
  17. camaroz2887

    2007 Yukon Drivers Side Mirror Fitment

    Hmm after looking around shortly I see what ya mean. Not much pops up right away for it at least. I’m guessing the mirror is a complete loss (as in crushed or broken) or otherwise unuseable? You can get pieces to repair if that’s an option.
  18. camaroz2887

    Unhooked Battery, now it won't start- Please help! *SOLVED*

    If the battery terminals are the only other connection you messed with, disconnect em for a few and re connect. When you put the negative terminal on do it quickly without moving it too much causing it to turn the car on and off quickly. The computers don’t like it much. Can’t say it’s your...
  19. camaroz2887

    Help with Aftermarket Pioneer with OEM GPS Fin

    Prob doesn’t help much but I didn’t find any info on the same subject when I did my swap. However I found it’s not uncommon for people to stick the pioneer antenna to the top of the head unit inside the dash. Never had signal issues in the mountains like I did with the old gps units either...
  20. camaroz2887


    6th order is tough and very picky from my experience. Which admittedly isn’t a whole lot but I played with the idea for a bit. Never got it sounding the way I wanted just to peaky/hard to blend You’ve got the right truck for the job but that box would be huge judging from a quick scan on...
  21. camaroz2887

    Junkyard shopping just for fun

    Hmm was that a while ago? I’ve been in their yard every time I went. I never went in capitol but I believe that one has a HUGE yard right? Always wanted to go when I passed but never took the time to drive out there.
  22. camaroz2887

    Junkyard shopping just for fun

    I have bad luck finding parts at the junkyards near me, which tend to be in pa. Found a local place I never knew about a couple years ago and been stopping there after work just to browse. I’ve seen gmt900s often enough to keep goin at least. Seems like I can’t find the third gen camaro stuff...
  23. camaroz2887

    Tahoe LTZ Climate Controlled Seat's

    How were you able to test which elements were burnt out? I have the exact same issue on my ‘10. Checked the normal harness connections and fuses with no luck and just haven’t had good enough reason to buy a tech2 and test the easy way. would really appreciate seat warmers right about now...
  24. camaroz2887

    Bose Speakers upgrade + Sound deadening

    Nice install, I haven’t even looked at the speaker mounting on my truck yet so this is good to know.... hopefully at some point I’ll get to that lol...Like the idea of the sticky foam. Was it closed cell or open cell(did air pass through it) Did the whole sound deadening thing in my ranger and...
  25. camaroz2887

    New Battery

    Always liked diehard but with advance auto selling them idk if manufacturing is different or not. However I’ve heard good from deka batteries.

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