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  1. 08z71bgm

    Kenwood DDX57S and PAC

    All wired ready to go for install. steering wheel controls and RSE. 475 shipped usps location: Long Island NY
  2. 08z71bgm

    Suspension help

    This is the first time I drove a z71 and unsure if the ride is supposed to be like this or not. the ride quality is smooth but it sways an awful lot. Very loose and sloppy like. I want to stiffen it up and need some help figuring out the correct parts to get. I don’t want to lift it. If...
  3. 08z71bgm

    Pioneer radio

    So it seems that all the 6.2 screen pioneer radios fit? Crutchfield has jack **** in stock so looks like I have to buy everything separately. Found a nice unit renewed on amazon for over 150 off. I am looking at one with the DVD player to retain rse. I need a harness for rse right? I plan on...
  4. 08z71bgm

    6.2 cam ideas

    Looking to swap a cam in a 6.2 rec port head engine. Any ideas? Was considering the bald eagle n/a cam from tsp
  5. 08z71bgm

    Radio question

    Is there a radio out now that has dvd and Apple car play? Idc about cd play but dvd so my daughter can still enjoy the rear tv.
  6. 08z71bgm

    Onstar question

    Has anyone upgrade onstar? I would love to be able to use the myChevrolet app like I do with my ss. Is this even possible? I know the onstar on my ss is based on the gen5 camaro stuff. So could I just use onstar equipment from the 10-14 Tahoe?
  7. 08z71bgm

    Door lock actuators

    There seems to be inconsistent results when finding a replacement. So I’m asking who has replaced these and with what part number? Also when did they fail again if not how long have you had them for? I need one and want to buy it once. My rear left failed. I have not pulled the panel off yet...
  8. 08z71bgm

    WTB body parts

    I need paint matched panels. 928L color code. Mirror covers Door pulls Hitch cover and bracket I prefer to buy used. No need to brand new the truck isn’t garage queen perfect.
  9. 08z71bgm

    My build

    2008 Z71 blue granite metallic/stealth gray metallic. RPO codes. Not many pics yet. I did compound, polish and wax the tailgate. Made a noticeable difference. Once all the maintenance and detailing is done I’ll be driving it. It is my new daily so I can stop putting so many miles...
  10. 08z71bgm

    Color matching pieces

    Did the mirror covers and door handles come in my color? Blue granite metallic/stealth gray metallic. x88/46u The silver parts on my Z71 handles and mirror covers are hammered and looking to find solid matching parts.
  11. 08z71bgm

    New-ish member

    I used to have an 02 Tahoe but forgot my login and caught fire anyways so now I have an 08 z71 in blue granite metallic and made new account. I also have a Holden commodore/Chevy SS sedan. Active on the ss forums too.

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