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  1. Sam Harris

    SOLD: 2007-2020 shifter boot..?

    I purchased a 2019 shifter for my NBS, and this boot obviously doesn’t fit. I believe this fits 2007-2020: p/n: 26113791 It’s unused, was sitting on the shifter until I replaced with the appropriate NBS boot, but otherwise, unused. I’ll take $5, plus actual shipping to your location.
  2. Sam Harris

    Tree branch delete

    Alright, I decided I can’t handle leaving this thing on any more.. gotta remove it. Can someone please tell me the sizes of the plugs I’ll need to cap the holes up?
  3. Sam Harris

    Tuning file installation

    When installing the tune, my instructions say to turn the ignition off, and then the AutoCal will start a countdown timer before I can resume the tuning, or start the truck. My tune file was flashed, and as soon as it says: Ignition off NOW!, I turned off, and removed the key. But it’s never...
  4. Sam Harris

    OEM Replacement driver armrest

    So while I was updating my door switch to blue LEDs, I managed to mangle my driver door armrest, and broke the tab the switch clips into. I’ve been looking for a replacement and have found a few OEM parts listed on eBay and elsewhere. Unfortunately they are showing as the wrong part for my...
  5. Sam Harris

    Just wanted to share

    So this past month has been really difficult for me and for my wife. Her dad, technically her stepdad- but always was much more of a father to her than her real dad. He has been fighting cancer for almost 2 years. This is a rare and aggressive cancer called Merkel Cell Carcinoma. When I first...
  6. Sam Harris

    Upgrade transmission recommendations?

    Ok all, I know my transmission is not going to last forever. I also felt a slip while driving the other day.. [emoji3525] I guess my BB tune will have to wait a bit. So, I’m looking for your recommendations for a good, reasonably priced upgraded transmission and torque converter. Currently just...
  7. Sam Harris

    Need to find genuine OE part number for Delco oil pressure sending unit

    And I posted in the wrong section dammit. Need this moved to the 2000-2006.. sorry Hey guys, so when I bought the Yukon it had a bad pressure sensor. I replaced it with a standard, since I broke the top off the Delco one I had bought. Lol. The standard failed catastrophically in about 3...
  8. Sam Harris

    16 blue LEDs for 01-06 Yukon NBS

    I have these blue LEDs I purchased the other day and I just decided I’d rather stick with white. Never installed, just changed my mind. 16x Blue LED Lights Interior Package Deal For 2001 - 2004 2005 2006 GMC Yukon...
  9. Sam Harris

    Backup and dash cams

    So I wasn’t planning to replace the stock head unit in my ‘03 Yukon with Bose, but that didn’t last long. I just ordered this decent looking Pioneer from Crutchfield with the needed accessories to retain chimes, wheel controls, etc...
  10. Sam Harris

    Jegs spark plug wire heat shields / socks "boot guards"

    I decided to go a different route with my plug wires, after I do the headers. Took too long to return these to Jegs, so I'd rather sell to a member, than pay to return them. Paid $58.57 shipped to me, I'll take $40 + actual shipping to you. Jegs part number: 40302...
  11. Sam Harris

    White letters in or out

    Obviously an opinion, and I’m sure it’s been discussed at length. But more opinions are welcome
  12. Sam Harris

    Plug wire heat shields?

    I have a warped exhaust manifold, with a couple broken bolts. Naturally, I'll be installing headers, as a decent upgrade. I'll be doing plugs and wires at the same time, and likely just going with OEM Delco plugs + wires, as my Yukon is stock. Just curious if I should add some heat shields...
  13. Sam Harris

    Wanted: OEM NBS Rear location Factory Sub enclosure

    I'm looking to add a second sub in my NBS Yukon (non-XL), to the rear location, which has the fake sub grille. I have the console located sub, and would like to add second in the rear, stock location. Just looking for the box itself, not interested in the sub.
  14. Sam Harris

    Sunroof air deflector clips?

    So my ‘03 Yukon has a sunroof, and the factory air deflector piece is not popping up like it’s supposed to, due to both spring clips being broken. I believe it’s part # 88980678, but not certain, and I can’t seem to find anyone that sells these either. Can anyone confirm the part number, or...
  15. Sam Harris

    Replacement cats for good sound

    So when I need to do my exhaust, I was planning to go with some "high flow" type replacement cats. I'm in Co, and they do poke around a bit with the smog test, although, are completely clueless, doing silly things, like pulling the manual choke in my old Wagoneer.. ahem, that aside, I'd rather a...

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