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  1. Monkeyemano

    Adding power mirrors

    Anybody add power folding mirrors to a Tahoe that doesn't have them. I have a set and all the wiring harnesses. but is there a mirror folding button inside the unit required? Thanks for any help in advance. Tahoe is a 2016 lt and mirrors are from a 2016 ltz.
  2. Monkeyemano

    New to us 2015 Tahoe.

    Plenty of mods have been had in my intro thread. Now that your upto date. But finally the mod that makes me the most happy. Rear level to get rid of the GM rake. DJM lowering springs and rear shock relocates. Drive's so much...
  3. Monkeyemano

    6.2 exhaust on my 5.3l 2015 Tahoe.

    We have a full 6.2 denali exhaust system at the shop and im wondering the pros and cons of installing it on my 5.3 Tahoe. Stock bolt on headers and everything. Y pipe and all. Any thoughts on this good or bad please.
  4. Monkeyemano

    New Tahoe to the fleet.

    Just added a new to us 2015 Tahoe LT. Ordered some Husky Weather Beater for all 3 rows. Blacked out all bowties and lettering. Next to come is blacked out front windows and some 22" Black gm rims. Does anybody make a proper rear cargo Matt that tri folds when seats are up?
  5. Monkeyemano

    Lowering my Avy

    07 Avalanche LTZ. Thinking either of these options but need to know a few things from the pros first. First things first i use my Avy as a truck for pulling a Car hauler/Boat/ Quad trailer and my 26ft holiday trailer. Always have stuff in the box. I replaced my rear shocks and compressor 2 yrs...
  6. Monkeyemano

    Hello from ETOWN.

    Just scooped my 07 Avalanche LTZ. Like driving my couch down the road. Great versatile vehicle. Full suv with truck box status that can fit a full sheet of plywood/drywall. Pulls my Holiday trailer with ease. Why did they ever stop making these unreal units. Just scooped some new 2015 Chevy...

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