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  1. swathdiver

    Michelin Defenders

    Anyone happen to be running the P265/70R17 or LT265/70R17 Defenders? Trying to determine the sidewall construction and cannot find any photos on the internet. Could someone who has one or the other post a photo of theirs please? Thanks! Also, if you have had both, does the LT ride...
  2. swathdiver

    Hurricane Ida

    Well folks, Hurricane Ida is bearing down on Louisiana which is home to a bunch of guys on here. For those of you who know the Lord, please keep these folks in your prayers. As of 7AM the maximum sustained winds were 150 MPH, that's like a nuclear blast, just slabs left. My thoughts are...
  3. swathdiver

    Another example of regular gas in a 6.2 motor...

    Spectacular destruction! How much did the owner save by running 87?
  4. swathdiver

    Another Sleeper...

    This makes 37 4x4s and 1 RWD version of this truck found so far.
  5. swathdiver

    Well, well, well, who has seen this before?

    Was replacing the shocks and springs and such underneath today and cleared the dirt out of my eyes and noticed this! Anyone seen this before on their own rigs? The part number for the replacement costs in the many hundreds of dollars and includes the refrigerant lines. I reckon we can just...
  6. swathdiver

    Southern Comfort Suburban $26,490 The early bird gets the worm fellas! Who's going to take it???
  7. swathdiver

    Well, what would you do?

    While I was in the hospital the refrigerant in the cooling system bled down. Sniffer didn't locate a leak and neither did the dealership. When we pulled the front bumper cover to do other work, we found the leak, it was at the lower connection on the condenser with the line that goes to the...
  8. swathdiver

    Virtual or Reality?

    Was recently asked to do a comparison between what the engine computer shows as the alcohol content and by taking an actual sample of the onboard fuel from the fuel rail. Both vehicles have been driven less than 30 miles since refueling. The 2012 6.2 Sierra showed a virtual alcohol content of...
  9. swathdiver

    Now What?!?!

    A week or two ago, while we were removing the wheel well liners, we noticed that the #4 spark plug was loose. The wire and shield were bouncing around and exhaust gases were coming out from around the plug. No misfires or CELs. A few days later I inspected the plug, ******* it back in and put...
  10. swathdiver

    How Does This Thing Come Apart???

    Had picked out an OTC spring compressor and then later, in the interest of economy, chose one of those two piece jobs that go on either side the coils. Several of the reviewers said that they used them on our 900s so I bought it. Well, they must have meant a hot wheel or matchbox car because...
  11. swathdiver

    Where is it?

    I need some help fellas. I've been looking for almost three hours and my eyes are shot. I am trying to find in AllDataDIY where the instructions are for the rear liftgate center applique, the part above the license plate that has the liftgate glass release switch. Also am trying to find the...
  12. swathdiver

    Which would you pick?

    All else being the same or nearly so, including the price. The differences are listed below. Vehicle 1: stock, no rust, basic leather interior, basic stereo and about 1500 miles from home. Vehicle 2: 6.5 lift, 35s, fancy leather interior, fancy stereo, some rust underneath, photos below...
  13. swathdiver

    That Makes 38 Now... 2010 Yukon XL SLT with the 6.2 We've located 1 RWD and 37 4WD so far.
  14. swathdiver

    Just to be sure...

    Truck was sitting for about a month without use, AC is now warm, system runs, no codes, Tech-2 shows high side pressure bouncing between 107 and 156, about 80 degrees outside. Vent air is about 85 degrees, compressor is cycling on and off at idle. Did not leave the driveway. Actuators are...
  15. swathdiver

    Best Way To Re-Attach Door Moldings???

    My door moldings have seen better days and the ends on some have come unglued and are hanging in the wind. A few of them could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. So what product is best to reattach them to the doors? Would RTV work until we get through Christmas?
  16. swathdiver

    Lock Up Clutch Logic

    Here's what happens and my question is, is it normal? Slow acceleration from a stop to 40 mph the converter will not lock up in 5th or 6th and continues to slip, the command to lockup says NO. Once speed is reached and cruise control set, stays unlocked. Quicker acceleration from a stop to 40...
  17. swathdiver

    Whose Escalade Got Stolen Out Of Texas?

    Police recovered in San Diego.
  18. swathdiver

    2021 PPV and SSV Specs... Check out the brakes and the specs for the DFM 5.3 engines! 2 Different SSVs available too. A glimpse of the article: Pursuit-rated enhancements Both the PPV and SSV models...
  19. swathdiver

    2021 Gas Tahoe and Suburban MPG and Towing Specs

    5.3 Tahoe RWD - 16 City 20 Highway 18 Combined 5.3 Tahoe 4x4 - 16 City 20 Highway 18 Combined 5.3 Suburban RWD - 16 City 20 Highway 18 Combined 5.3 Suburban 4x4 - 15 City 19 Highway 17 Combined 6.2 Tahoe RWD - 15 City 20 Highway 17 Combined 6.2 Tahoe 4x4 - 14 City 19 Highway 16 Combined 6.2...
  20. swathdiver

    Calling All Tech-2 Owners - Fuel Pump Data

    For those of you that can see your Fuel Pump Module, what are your Fuel Pump trims? Mine started off at about 1.25 three years ago and is now at 1.54. Is this a sign of the pump's health? And if so, how high means it is time to replace?
  21. swathdiver

    Calling All Tech-2 Owners - Transmission Data

    For those of you with 6L80s, what kind of pressure are you seeing at your solenoids? My main ones have been 109 psi for the last three years.
  22. swathdiver

    Blackstone Labs Transmission Report

    I figured out another way to help you fellas spend money on your trucks! Research revealed that the average life of a GMT-900 6L80 transmission was about 160K miles. So with that milestone coming up I wanted to see if mine was on the same path or not for overhaul or replacement. The least...
  23. swathdiver

    New Mileage Record? Having trouble saving pictures today, but have a look at the photos in the link anyhow fellas.
  24. swathdiver

    Extending Battery Life

    Extending Battery Life The battery in my truck was showing its age. Now it had never let us down, always started, but the State of Charge (SOC) was dropping week after week. The ACDelco 48PS battery was manufactured in August of 2016 and installed in our 2009 GMC Yukon XL in...
  25. swathdiver

    Decisions, Decisions...

    Help me overthink this, which would you choose if in my boots and why? Vehicle is an unmodified 2009 GMC Yukon XL 4x4. Currently has Battery A which is now 41 months old and is about wore out. This battery has never failed to start the truck. I was thinking about the latter two as every...

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