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  1. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Axle Swap

    Hey guys, I have done a few searches, but have not found what I am looking for yet. I have a 2011 Avalanche with 3.08 gears. I have a boat that weighs roughly 4-4500lbs. Towards the top of this trucks capacity. I was curious how much of a difference I would actually be able to expect if I...
  2. David Smith

    Rough Idle in Rain

    I never actually found a solution. I actually ended up selling the Tahoe not too long ago. it happened so rarely, that it was not at the top of my list at the time. It really didn't even do it every time that it rained. Makes me think even more that it was a loose connection somewhere. Hope you...
  3. David Smith

    Mysteriously using oil

    If yours has the AFM, that is probably the issue
  4. David Smith

    Adding Homelink Possible?

    I was really hoping I could just install the over head console and it would work. If I can't do that, I will just use the button that comes with the opener. I was not sure if someone may have swapped consoles before and knew if it would work or not.
  5. David Smith

    Adding Homelink Possible?

    I guess it can't be done? Or not very feasible?
  6. David Smith

    What is this plastic grate in the cargo space of my 2013 Yukon?

    Maybe AC intake for rear ac?
  7. David Smith

    Adding Homelink Possible?

    How easy would it be to add Homelink to my '11 Avy? From what I have seen, only LTZ models have it? Can't just swap consoles I don't think because don't all LTZ models have a sunroof? Can it be REASONABLY accomplished?
  8. David Smith

    Official Harbor Freight win or lose thread

    I actually just found out they will be opening a HF in my hometown! Win for me!
  9. David Smith

    Official Harbor Freight win or lose thread

    I have used quite a few tools from HF with no complaints. I used to work at a salvage yard dismantling cars and I would use their socket sets for everything. Literally never broke a socket. Lost a few, but not one broken one. Even if they were to break, you could buy an entire new set for the...
  10. David Smith

    We have an oil leak

  11. David Smith

    Towing 2WD vs 4WD

    If I had the CHOICE, 4LOW is the way to go. But take in to consideration all of the extra moving parts that will wear and tear down the road. If the boat ramp is the only excuse to buy a 4x4, I think I would probably skip it. They don't design the ramps to require a 4x4. Although, on the tidal...
  12. David Smith

    Oil Pan Gasket Change

    I would also recommend replacing the oil pickup tube u-ring as well. It really is not difficult. Drop crossmember Unbolt steering rack Drain oil Remove all bolts holding pan on and remove pan(there are quite a few, so triple check before yanking on it) You will have to work around the...
  13. David Smith

    Back Up Sensors vs Trailer Hitch

    Yeah I do! I just feel like the sensors would be smart enough to recognize a hitch lol. 1st world problems :(
  14. David Smith

    Back Up Sensors vs Trailer Hitch

    My '11 Avy senses my 3 way trailer hitch everytime I put it in reverse. I have to take it out to keep it from beeping/disabling. Does anyone else have this issue?
  15. David Smith


    Sounds like PCV Valve to me...
  16. David Smith

    Cv axle !!!?????!!??

    I forgot they had the flange! If you can remove the broken piece, but still leave the part that actually goes in to the carrier that the piece that goes into the wheel bearing, I would think you would be fine. You can probably do all of it without even having to remove the wheel.
  17. David Smith

    Cv axle !!!?????!!??

    If you remove it, you will lose fluids from your front carrier.
  18. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    I have never seen it over 195 or so. Typically floats around 180-190ish
  19. David Smith

    Frozen bolt

    I would suggest kroil and heat (not at the same time obviously) and then maybe even try and tap on a slightly smaller socket.
  20. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    Got it. May be worht investing in an aftermarket cooler. Even for when not towing.
  21. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    When towing anything, what do I need to make sure my tranny temp stays at or below? lets assume it's a hot day outside. 95-100 out. When should I stop? What temp that is...
  22. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    Also have Z82...
  23. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    Confirmed GU4...3.08 rear axel
  24. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    This is what I have... 2WD G80 KG3 K34 K47
  25. David Smith

    2011 Avalanche Towing Capacity

    I guess gear ratio matters...mine is 3.08 if I am not mistaken

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