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  1. VTburban

    My wheel is sticking out from the fender on one corner

    Sorry guys, I'm back. Took a little virtual vacation. Anyway, I never really got a better answer than "this is normal." There are many possibilities that involve systematic, scratch-it-off as we go surgery to my truck, but I'm not really up for it. My winters hide it well, so lately it's...
  2. VTburban

    Custom Headlights Halo and HID

    Looks great!
  3. VTburban

    Removing Back Glass Handle

    you should disco-ball it and drill a hole in your third brake light housing for a nice reflection.
  4. VTburban

    What do your kids roll in? (car seats)

    Felix I have a Recaro for my parent's Esky, and used to have a Britax for my Burb. Quattro's thoughts on the two mirror my own; I'd go with Britax 100 times out of 100. I didn't know that Recaro isn't used in Canada, but that should be a HUGE sign to us here.
  5. VTburban

    How often should you wax your Hoe?

    ...So l become a wax expert. There's 80 some uses for this stuff, something like five hundred products. Candle wax. Car wax. Mustache wax? Could be anything. Guy's waxing his mustache at the beach. Gets sand in it. Wipes it off with a shoe. Shoe scuffs the counter...
  6. VTburban

    2-3/4 Drop Photos from Under RearEnd Please

    Yep, rust-colored underbodies are all the rage up this way. Come visit me this winter, Neo, then you can start a trend in the Lone Star State!
  7. VTburban

    2-3/4 Drop Photos from Under RearEnd Please

    Fingers crossed, man. :hmm:
  8. VTburban

    2-3/4 Drop Photos from Under RearEnd Please

    Yeah Brian mine are tighter too...check this out... [/IMG] This was taken a couple months ago, no problems since then. I haven't re-routed, but should something fail to work 100% I think I'll look into it.
  9. VTburban

    What do your kids roll in? (car seats)

    I'd have to read through the NHTSA stuff again but I think along with the age recommendation there's a size limit too, and it's kinda like a warranty; whichever comes first. So all you parents who've said your kid is/was too tall, yep, daddy still knows best. I have the anglo version of...
  10. VTburban

    What do your kids roll in? (car seats)

    Its been my experience that both Britax and Chicco are great companies, Britax especially for their newborn/infant base/carrier (can't recall the model). The Britax is really convenient and safe too, but I've never used or installed a Chicco, just heard good things. When I get my hands on a...
  11. VTburban

    What do your kids roll in? (car seats)

    Dude you're a maniac!! Congrats!! Good luck on the sleep, and everything else for that matter!
  12. VTburban

    What do your kids roll in? (car seats)

    Thought I'd chime in since both my wife and I are certified to install car seats and have some decent knowledge of quality, safety and lack thereof. For the money, the absolute best car seat out there is the Diono Radian series. They used to be call Sunshine Kids but recently changed their...
  13. VTburban

    TBSS Replicas on Avalanche

    you're killin' it man. those look great.
  14. VTburban

    2010 Yukon Denali Retrofit + Lighting Modifications

    this makes me giggle. with excitement. i know that doesn't make it ok, but i'm excited about this. ehem, good work serge.
  15. VTburban

    wtb dl3 mirrors

    i love it when a plan comes together!
  16. VTburban

    My newest mod - HID Retrofit

  17. VTburban

    wtb dl3 mirrors

    no puddle lamps, but at $400 it's a pretty good deal...
  18. VTburban

    trimming plastic fender wells

    Chad you should be able to do it...I did my fronts no problem and the spot I'd need to trim on the rears is visible and accessable. Just get a new blade for each side to make it easier on yourself.
  19. VTburban

    Any NNBS Suburban/XL owners have a tune?

    Haha, point taken. I guess I'm looking at it from the perspective of trying to find the best route to take, performance unit per dollar. If a burb is always going to be a burb, I'll skip it. But it sounds like even the lowboys can catch a boost with the right tweak, and at a reasonable price...
  20. VTburban

    Any NNBS Suburban/XL owners have a tune?

    Ok so a tune just made the list. Thanks guys!
  21. VTburban

    Any NNBS Suburban/XL owners have a tune?

    Sorry Brian, I forgot to add that I do not know anything about engines, exhaust or computers. So...can you start over again and tell me what DoD is, and what other minor tweaks you speak of? Oh, and thanks!
  22. VTburban

    Any NNBS Suburban/XL owners have a tune?

    I'm trying to decide on whether or not to add a tune to my list of things to do. I'd like to hear from anyone with experience with a tune on an 07+ Burb/XL. What kind of gains should I expect, was it worth it, etc. I understand everyone's experience may be a little different, so please chime...
  23. VTburban

    Want to Trade Bench for Captain Chairs

    I've heard they don't, but I haven't verified this. Came from a couple different guys on this site.
  24. VTburban

    2 inch rear drop.

    Lookin' good Lee! Welcome to the lowered burb club! I like those wheels too...good choice.

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