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  1. BluBetty96

    Wanna see some lowered Four Doors

    2 doors are pretty common in my area and not to say they aren’t cooler than four doors but they are a lot easier to drop than a four door would be..that’s why I was interested in seeing if anyone had pics of lowered four doors..this forum is my last resource to find anything like this but I’m...
  2. BluBetty96

    Wanna see some lowered Four Doors

    Thanks, yea it should be bagged by summer 2020..the hard stuff is done like tubs and step notch and channeled cab. So I’m basically on the home stretch it’d be nice to have air ride adjustability its hard to drive a static low four door because of the frame..I scrape frame alot more than I’d like
  3. BluBetty96

    Wanna see some lowered Four Doors

    Here’s mine, it’s 95 with a 6/8 drop it currently sits on 22x9/22x11 US Mags Ramblers, 245/30R22 tire Front, 285/35R22 tire Rear, Tubbed front and back, full Step Notch, relocated shocks, Notched driveshaft crossmembers & channeled cab, and I’m in the process of fitting a 2 door Tahoe gas tank in it
  4. BluBetty96

    Wanna see some lowered Four Doors

    New guy here, just wanna see some lowered four door Tahoe’s or Yukon’s..I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any. Post a pic and some specs..drop & wheel size etc
  5. BluBetty96

    Slammed 4 door tahoe

    You can’t flip it because that crossmember goes on top of the gas tank on one side and I think it doubles as a gas tank mounting point..I Notched mine all I did was cut it in two pieces and welded in a half ring..I’d post a pic of what I’m talking about but I don’t have any..
  6. BluBetty96

    slammed 4 door tahoe

    I have a lowered four door 6/8 drop on 22’s Tubbed Step Notched etc ..I don’t have pics of the Notched crossmembers for my driveshaft but I did have to notch them extensively I basically cut the crossmembers in two pieces then welded in a half ring..I also had to channel the cab a bit for that...
  7. BluBetty96

    New guy just wanted to post my lowered OBS Tahoe and want to see yalls rides

    6/9 static dropped 95 OBS four door tahoe 2” belltech drop spindles 3” djm drop springs with half a ring cut also the fenders have been gutted and tubbed up front the back has been step notched with custom shock relocation running belltech street performance drop shocks off of 07 & up Silverado...

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