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  1. tmill260

    '22 RST Grill Peeling

    I noticed this week that the black out film on the grill is bubbling and peeling off. I took it to my local dealer and they mentioned that this is the 4th one of they have seen in the last couple of weeks. They have sent pictures to GM to approve replacement but wanted to give you a heads up...
  2. tmill260

    Corsa Exhaust

    I have a 2022 RST tahoe and looking at upgrading the exhaust. Currently have a stock exhaust. I am looking at the Corsa 3.0 IN CAT-BACK SSE TWIN 4.0 IN TIPS (21125) SPORT SOUND LEVEL | 2021-2022 CHEVROLET TAHOE. This is a single side exhaust. Looks like an easy install but concerned if it's...
  3. tmill260

    G2 Caliper Paint

    I am looking at painting my calipers red using the G2 caliper paint. I don't feel like investing the money on Brembro system, But I like the red look. Any feedback on how it performs long term. If I run it thru a car wash will the paint hold up. Does it fade over time? I am looking for a...
  4. tmill260

    Spare tire - Access panel

    if you have a hitch on, the hitch cover will be off and you can reach up behind the panel and pop off the little panel.
  5. tmill260

    New Member from North Carolina

    Thanks, from reading a lot of threads, getting a 22 tahoe this year may not happen? I am not sure what they are going to do with all those Tahoes in Texas….what a mess.
  6. tmill260

    Speed limit sign?

    I believe the circled white block is for the speed limit sign, how do I activate this? I assume it’s thru on star? I appreciate your help!
  7. tmill260

    New Member from North Carolina

    Hi All, I am a new member from North Carolina. This is a great site with a lot of information, which is awesome! I am on my second Tahoe, I had a 2019 Premier 6.2 Tahoe, I now have a 2022 RST 5.3. I love the RST, but wish it was a 6.2. As you all probably know, you can't get the 6.2 except...

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