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    2016 PPV Tahoe To Modified Civilian

    Found a jump seat console - never been sat in and replaced the rear seat versus the front two. It had also never been sat in. Had to cut out pieces in the flooring to make the center console bolt in. I kept the steering wheel. It's not the cheap plastic. Doesnt have all the buttons for controls...
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    2014 PPV/Hello Everybody :)

    I found some of my stuff at the junk yard - within a 250 mile radius of me. Something here and something there. But i found a place on ebay that actually converts vehicles to ppv or ssv. I was able to get seats that had literally never been sat on and a jump seat console that had never been...
  3. J

    New to the forum, but searching for answers on a 2007 Tahoe

    We have had many 07-11 models and almost every time we pay to have the 4 cylinder lockdown turned off.
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    2016 PPV Tahoe To Modified Civilian

    I decided to hold off on the purchase til I researched a bit more. But I hope that’s right!
  5. J

    2016 PPV Tahoe To Modified Civilian

    First problem of the day- I am unsure if I can swap this type of front seat - split bench I guess is what it’s technically called to a leather bucket. Different codes mine is AZ3 and my husband is at junkyard and not quite sure it my wire harness will work with another style. Don’t want to dive...
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    2018 PPV experience

    Did you look into changing seats? Or do you know anything about that? My code is AZ3 but I want to go to a nicer leather bucket. Will I need a new wiring harness or will this work at all?
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    2016 PPV Tahoe To Modified Civilian

    Just purchased my first PPV that I will drive. Wanted to document the before pics and also discuss any issues that arise along the process. First- after review of some threads, I checked my windows and doors. All work inside and out, front and rear. My left rear interior door handle is on the...

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