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    Brand new Trasmssion Aux pump

    Do you remember where you bought the pump from. I am also working on a 08 GMC Yukon with the same issues. I looked at the connectors and found one really in bad shape. Melted the housing. So I cut the wires and bought the 4 plug connectors with pig tails and installed them. Now that I am done...
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    Service bulletin for hybrid bump/jerk issue

    I did find this about the connectors and that they need to be replaced to fit the newer equipment. Replacement connectors and numbers.
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    Service bulletin for hybrid bump/jerk issue

    I am working on a 2008 GMC YUKON with the same problems. Thanks for all the information. Just wanted to share what I found. Do you see anything wrong in this picture? The pins where corroded and the one on the bottom left of the picture got hot enough to melt the connector casing. This is on...

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