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  1. BTSRT

    Looks like Denali Lowering Kits are coming, at some point...

    Its been listed "coming soon" for 9 months.
  2. BTSRT

    2021 Yukon Denali Lowering Kit?

    Nope all modes. You can lowering it from .5" inch to 3"
  3. BTSRT

    The Just 2021's Pictures Thread

    Duramax doesnt get quad tips?
  4. BTSRT

    Look these awful awful people!

    Dealer's need to cover their overhead some how
  5. BTSRT

    Large deposit to get larger discount…?

    All depends on credit and banks. You may not have to put anything down, even at 72 -84 month.
  6. BTSRT

    Service Leveling System - 2021 Escalade

    resolve the issue?
  7. BTSRT

    2021 Tahoe/Escalade/Yukon Power Running Boards

    Is there a module that plugs into the boards motor that coverts power/ground/3 position sensor wires to trigger wire?
  8. BTSRT

    Will air suspension stay lowered during reverse?

    How much to clear the garage? You may want to think about using suspension links to lower the suspension and keep it there. However, you have an AT4 so this kind of defeats the purpose.
  9. BTSRT

    2021 Premier Tahoe inspo needed

    In my opinion, OEM wheels look silly due to their offset. Wheels need to be flush with the wheel wells. My recommendation would be to purchase 22-26" wheels with the correct offset.
  10. BTSRT

    2021 Premier Tahoe inspo needed

  11. BTSRT

    Aftermarket wheels

    24"+ with the correct offset is a must on 2021's.
  12. BTSRT

    Two Tone Yukon Denali

    I'm sure this has been replicated many of times. Looks okay - I think the applique should be wrapped/painted white.
  13. BTSRT

    Adding Power Running Boards to Non-Factory Equipped Model

    Has anyone got the power boards to work on a 2021 Escalade Yukon Tahoe? Boards are mounted...just need power. Going to try door trigger.
  14. BTSRT

    2021 Tahoe/Escalade/Yukon Power Running Boards

    Looks like the only way is to wire the boards to the door trigger.
  15. BTSRT

    Ride height selection gone

    Did you try an unplug the battery for a few minutes? When I lowered my escalade using links I ran into a similar issues.
  16. BTSRT


    All you need to do is download the app and create an account?
  17. BTSRT

    21+ Exhaust

    I'm lowered 3" all the way around. In my opinion 3" isn't too harsh. At 2.5" it rides closer to stock.
  18. BTSRT

    21+ Exhaust

  19. BTSRT

    2021 Yukon Denali---POS

    Build Date 10/20.
  20. BTSRT

    2021 Yukon Denali---POS

    MY 2021 Escalade just hand bank 1 lifters and rods replaced w/ 3k miles. I have zero trust in my 2021 Escalade, 2021 Yukon Denali, GM. My local dealership (willis cadillac des moines iowa) acted like the issue was routine maintenance...which is probably was to them.
  21. BTSRT

    21+ Exhaust

    Sure - email address?
  22. BTSRT

    21+ Exhaust

    I installed corsa cp300ct universal muffler - 3" Sounds great.
  23. BTSRT

    21+ Exhaust

    they sell them on their site?
  24. BTSRT

    2021 Touch Up Paint

    I would recommend taking it to a trusted body shop.

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