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    2009 Yukon XL Denali - Rear Drivers Door Won’t Open

    I disagree. I don’t think any Dorman part I’ve installed felt anywhere near the quality of OEM.
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    2009 Yukon Needs New Headlights. What to Get?

    The Morimotos are in a different price point that most people who own these trucks now are unwilling to pay, so they better be better quality than eBay lights. Also, PPF protects the lenses against UV rays, which is what makes them fail.
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    2009 Yukon XL Denali - Rear Drivers Door Won’t Open

    Buy an OEM one.
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    2009 Yukon XL Denali - Rear Drivers Door Won’t Open

    Dorman is JUNK. You’re going to have to destroy the match to get where you can release it.
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    Belltech 6651 Rear Shock Extenders

    I’ve got a brand new set of Belltech 6651 rear shock extenders for sale. These came with a kit but we used the McGhaughys instead. $75 shipped.
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    Clear Coat Peeling? What Can I Do? PLEASE HELP

    That is complete paint failure failure. Nothing but sanding down to bare metal and a repaint will fix that. Anyone who tells you otherwise is scamming you.
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    Any suggestions on leather cleaner (interior) and overall interior detailer?

    Do NOT use Armorall. My favorite leather conditioner/protectant is Waxed Shine Leather Nourish, it is good for the entire interior. It is self leveling and actually absorbs instead of just sitting on the surface collecting dust like Armorall. P&S Xpress Interior for cleaning with an Auto Fiber...
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    2009 Yukon XL Denali - Rear Drivers Door Won’t Open

    Pliers and an impact. I’ve done hundreds.
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    2007-2018/2020 Atomic Fab/Viking Coilovers

    I sold them to my father-in-law.
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    2007-2009 front panels will swap into 2010-2014s

    Looks like you have an extended cab since it has the indention for the seat belt retractor so you’re going to need the extended cab panel. If you had a crew cab, the panel would be the same as a SUV.
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    GM just does not care anymore. Leaving after 40 years

    GM is making it easier and easier for me to stomach owning a German car again. I think I'm starting to look forward to it. At least it'll be worth all the BS and repairs for the driving experience. GM has highly pissed me off with all the discontinued parts, I can understand trim pieces and...
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    2010 Denali ticking noise

    I think you just found out why it was so cheap. Hopefully, the hybrid stuff is all ok and you'll probably still have a decent deal after you fix it.
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    Air conditioner issues.

    The blower control module and resistor are not the same thing. They have the same task of controlling the speed of the blower but they are not interchangeable. The module is for auto HVAC and the resistor for manual.
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    6.2 Tahoe For Sale

    Why not use Auto Trader? I've sold all but one vehicle from Auto Trader.
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    Is it worth $29500

    The car market is extremely area specific. It could be different two towns over.
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    Air conditioner issues.

    Manual or auto AC? Based on the symptoms, I would go after the blower motor and the resistor/blower control module.
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    Harsh shifting and shift flaring (dealer wants to replace valve body) 2016 Escalade 113k miles

    If you’re keeping this truck, just replace the transmission with a reman. The 8 speed is garbage. The GM reman comes with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty which is good at any dealer in the county.
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    2018 Yukon/Need tire and shock recommendations

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    Is it worth $29500

    Not true at all. Literally millions of cars go through the auction and most of them do not have anything wrong with them. If a dealer can make the same money sending a car to auction without having to refurbish it, it’s gone. Or if the car doesn’t match the dealer’s clientele, it’s gone. If it’s...
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    GMT800 vs GMT900. Which to buy?

    How does it cause the valves to wear more quickly? They open and close with exactly the same lift, duration, and pressure from the springs, just different timing. Valve issues not caused by a broken spring are extremely rare. I’ve never seen it in all my years professionally and only seen it...
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    Is it worth $29500

    I wouldn't say the K2 is much better. The materials are not very good quality, especially the seat cushions and "leather" material.
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    Is it worth $29500

    Unless it’s garage kept, then I’ll take the 10 year old 25k truck all day.
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    GMT800 vs GMT900. Which to buy?

    There is nothing wrong with VVT. It increases low end power (the biggest benefit IMO), increases fuel economy, and hardly ever breaks.
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    2/4 drop issue

    You need the spacer for the rear springs. Belltech’s advertised drops for the rear springs are wrong. It’s a 4” with the spacer and 5” without.
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    Is it worth $29500

    I didn’t break anything, what on earth are you talking about? And when did I ask about the difference between a 2WD or a 4WD? I’m quite aware of the difference… I don’t have a hybrid because I know better.

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