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    Torque Convertor Shudder

    Several issues to consider, however, with the mileage it sounds like your 2-4 band is starting to fail. Transmission rebuilder here for 30 years in nebraska have built hundreds of hurdreds 4l60e around here, over and over and over...
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    best aftermarket carpet?

    anyone have suggestions for best carpet companies for oem look, and fit? Getting ready to replace all my carpet.
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    Carpet replacement 02 Denali

    Hopefully seat bolts won’t snap of in the floor panels I’ll presoak them with pb blaster I’ve had it happen on other vehicles before
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    Carpet replacement 02 Denali

    Cool I’m thinking of replacing all my carpet also...what’s the best fit brand anyone? Was hoping to find NOS but to no avail.
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    Initial thoughts on the 8-speed Trans.

    They are junk! I’m sure the 10 speeds will be worse. Can’t stand the constant shifting and converter clutch cycling. 4l60e’s are most reliable and maybe 6l80s with updates.
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    Transmission heeelllllllpppppp! Please!

    then there is the infamous transfer case oil pump housing beating its way though the rear casing slowly as the fluid all leaks out till its empty:whymewhyme:
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    Transmission heeelllllllpppppp! Please!

    Been rebuilding 4L60E's for long time just did 3 this week at the shop. They have always been plagued by about half a dozen problems
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    Transmission heeelllllllpppppp! Please!

    its odd your having a no 2nd and 4th condition AND a park issue, usually those are 2 separate issues. Generally broken ring gear and planets in the trans will cause no Park with a grinding or ratching type sound when its rolling away in Park. A broken sun shell may make a grind in reverse but...
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    Transmission heeelllllllpppppp! Please!

    Yes, anything in the drivetrain behind the rear ring gear in the transmission (which is where the parking pawl locks)that is broke can cause no Park condition i.e. t case diff etc or a broken trans ring gear

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