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  1. Lanaue

    My 3 Girls

    Finally had a chance to get them in a picture together , had to make it quick tho.
  2. Lanaue


  3. Lanaue

    2022 6.2 High Country - Low Oil, Likely Blown Motor

    I’m so happy for you. I’ve heard horror stories about denials to things that should’ve been covered.
  4. Lanaue


    It'd be cheaper tp fine a good trans shop to rebuild it and not deal with the stealership.
  5. Lanaue

    Tow Truck Ripped Frame

    I agree it’s never been a problem for me. Let them deal with it. I promise they’ll get their money back from whoever’s at fault.
  6. Lanaue

    Just picked up a 2018 Premier

    Thank You
  7. Lanaue

    Just picked up a 2018 Premier

    Thanks. Absolutely
  8. Lanaue

    Just picked up a 2018 Premier

    Thank You very much.
  9. Lanaue

    Just picked up a 2018 Premier

    My Daughter just got a 2018 Saturday . now we have 3 Tahoes in the family an 02 ,07 , and a 2018. I'm pretty pumped right now.
  10. Lanaue

    Tail Light Harness has different ends

    So my new to me 07 Z71 came with aftermarket taillights and the passenger brake and park lights don't work. It has the Cadillac Escalade tail lights. So the right side has an 8 pin socket and the left has a 6 pin socket. Is that normal ? I looked at a few videos and one of the trucks had 6 pin...
  11. Lanaue

    Successful Acquisition of 2022 Tahoe Z71

    Awesome Congratulations
  12. Lanaue

    Brought it home Friday 2013 EXT

    Congrats, nice looking truck .
  13. Lanaue

    2007-2014 Tahoe Picture Thread

    My 02 towing my new to me 07 .
  14. Lanaue

    Hello New guy here from Parkville MD

    Hey everyone, new to the forum but not to Tahoe's. I have an O2 Tahoe Z71 that I've had for 16 years and just picked up a 2007 Tahoe Z71 yest4rday. Drove about 2.5 hours to get it. I'm very happy with my purchase. I haven't had a chance to go through it yet but i'll do it soon.

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