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    Clunk in transmission from 1-2 shift.

    Anybody know if there is a fix for this? I have a 2017 Escalade (assuming it is same tranny) and sometimes have a strong kick forward when cruising at idle (ie: no accelerator applied) at low speed (say 5-15 MPH) which happens pretty often in New York Metro area stop and go traffic. Not normally...
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    Intellilink Screen Flicker - 1 min after startup

    Slightly off topic, but how do you know what version of the software you have and when it is updated? Also, how does it get updated - remotely or do you have to go to the dealer each time? Thx!
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    Nav/GPS Traffic Settings

    Has anybody found a solution to this problem yet? I tried my luck with GM and also Sirius but not surprisingly each is pointing the finger at the other...
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    Service visit tomorrow - what recalls & know issues do I need to be aware of?

    OK - tried that and it told me only about the Dinghy recall. My vehicle just now got stuck in 4WD for the first time. There is some sort of transfer case reset and reprogramming (as far as I can tell from other threads) which I am aware of and of course need. If I hadn't gotten stuck in 4WD...
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    remote & headphones?

    I have 2015 XL Denali. Got 2 headphones and 1 remote to go along with the two ceiling-mounted screens. mmutte: My remote fits fine it the spot overhead. It is a snug fit (snaps in there), and if you do it upside down it doesn't really fit. I think the buttons face downward when done...
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    Service visit tomorrow - what recalls & know issues do I need to be aware of?

    Understood that a quick run of the VIN will tell service adviser which recalls are applicable. My suspicion though is that there are more service bulletins out there than they would volunteer, and I want to be aware of as many as possible. If they're planning on putting in the bare minimum of...
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    Service visit tomorrow - what recalls & know issues do I need to be aware of?

    First service visit tomorrow. 2015 Denali XL has about 7,500 miles on it. Amazingly, the vehicle got stuck in 4WD this past weekend for the first time even (been driving around in Auto mode pretty much the whole time). Sounds like after many months of research, GM has now figured out a proper...
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    "Service 4WD" - Master Thread

    My 2015 Denali just got stuck in 4WD for the first time (and hopefully the last!) 7,500 miles on it and pretty much have kept it in Auto setting the entire time - was completely unaware of these vehicles locking up. Only one or two weekend trips with snow and I can't recall if i shifted into...
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    Good (or Bad) Service Departments in/near NYC?

    {bump} still looking for dealership known to have quality service department in/near NYC. Thanks.
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    Good (or Bad) Service Departments in/near NYC?

    Looking to take my 2015 XL in for service (scheduled oil, one known recall, resealing rear headliner along seam) and looking for recommendations of dealers where folks have have good, or bad, experience. I bought from Grand Prize in Nanuet, NY (nice guys but too far to go for regular...
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    Anybody use the in-car network without 4G LTE data plan?

    I had a chance to try this out over the weekend, and sure enough there does not appear to be any WiFi network established by the vehicle - I tried searching for one to join with my iPhone but found nothing. I scoured the menus under the Settings via the dashboard touchscreen and came up with...
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    Anybody use the in-car network without 4G LTE data plan?

    I am looking to use an Apple TV as a media server to power rear seat entertainment (RSE) similar to other folks here who have used Roku boxes. I don't have a phone with unlimited data to tether the Apple TV to, but I figure that I can have my phone (or wife's or kids') mirror to the Apple TV to...
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    Liftgate and Cargo Area Dimensions?

    Does anybody have relatively accurate dimensions of the rear hatch opening and the cargo bay of a Yukon XL (or Suburban) handy? I need to transport a large chair this weekend and not sure I can put down the third row (will have people with me too). I cannot find measurements/dimensions...
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    Nav/GPS Traffic Settings

    Sadly Anon2015 has a point. :) Traffic around here BLOWS! zolt11: I was pretty sure I had noticed the Northern State/Grand Central issue as well but couldn't 100% recall. I am also pretty sure my Audi had Sirius traffic info on both Grand Central AND Northern State, and that would make it a...
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    What gauge setting do you use?

    I think I use the Technology option (basically a big ring with a compass on the outside and selected info in middle). It pushes the gas gauge into top right corner (but still nice and legible). I think engine temp in top left as well (though it might be oil pressure). Standard is OK, but I...
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    Nav/GPS Traffic Settings

    Is there anyway to adjust the traffic settings within the Nav? I subscribe to Sirius/XM traffic info (which is generally good, not great) but I am surprised that there are some roads where the traffic info is not shown. As an example, I am in/around New York City. The Hutchinson River Parkway...
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    Hitch mounted bike/ski rack?

    Looking to get a trailer hitch mounted rack to use for bikes and skis. The prospect of climbing up to stow gear on a roof rack seems daunting to me, so I think hitch-mount is the way to go. Both Thule and Yakima make versions that swivel to the side so you can open your liftgate - that seems...
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    Instrument Panel Recall

    OmegaRoach: I have a Denali with LCD instrument cluster and did not get a notice about this recall (yet). I did receive email notice about the transfer case issue.
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    Video to USB stick info

    Before I saw encanem's response I hunted the internet and found Tunes4Mac to remove the DRM ($45). It's a little slow (or maybe my Mac's not powerful enough) but it seems to do the trick in removing DRM and converting purchased files to MP4. Definitely a good option to have for additional...
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    Audio Tone Settings

    So I tried playing with these Audio presets again (you can access via the Menu\Tone Settings and there are a series of audio center-point icons across the bottom of the screen along with a visual representation of the car to the right with an adjustable center-point. I now believe that each...
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    Video to USB stick info

    Hmm, I might be a little out of my depth here, but since you can convert a DVD that you've purchased, can you do the same with files purchased through iTunes? I have a bunch of kids' shows and movies that I would like to convert but can't quite figure it out. I used handbrake to convert an...
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    Center console screen cutting out...

    How does one reboot the Intellilink system? Is it as simple as turning the vehicle ignition off and then on again? Is there any way to do it without turning off the ignition? It would seem likely that I (and many others) will need to reboot this thing occasionally as there definitely appear to...
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    Clearing Radio Favorites (from Nav screen)

    That works! It took me a couple of tries - I was 'grabbing' the favorites bar and swiping down which wasn't working, but placing fingers slightly above the favorites bar and then swiping down did the trick. Thanks!
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    Rear A/C / Climate Control with Remote Start

    Clearly the back A/C will not come on with remote start, which seems like a huge oversight to me. As for the seats, the manual indicates that when they come on the indicator lights will not come on, AND that the seats will turn off once the ignition is pushed. I wonder if people's seats are...
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    2015 Tahoe - issues with collision alert?

    I too turned mine off after only a few days. I found the green car icon to be too distracting.

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