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    Front suspension rebuild

    yeah there are no inner and outer bearings just a wheel hub. 35 or 36mm nut on there i for got which
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    plasti dip, where to get

    wal mart
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    What in the world is on there Tahoe

    I doubt they did anything to the motors or rear ends, 5.3l with 3.73s. Municipalities are not going to throw money into a squad car to do a cam/tune or anything like that. They are 2wd and have 1" shorter suspension i believe. For weight reduction, i doubt it. After they put in the cage, lights...
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    Massive Confusion on Shock Replacement

    Your sway bar end links are huffed too
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    Going to have the trans serviced and possibly the rear diff fluid changed; questions!

    If you want them to drop the pan and put in new fluid i'd just tell them that. As far as rear end fluid, that is so simple to change i would just do it myself. You dont have to take the cover off. Just undo the top bolt first so you know you can fill it after you drop the gear oil out the...
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    retractable cargo cover for 06 tahoe

    I bought mine on ebay
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    Escalade Vs Denali Vs Tahoe Cluster

    Can we get a sticky on this please
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    What is this on my instrument panel?

    Man we need a sticky for the escalade cluster on this forum, every other question on the interior part is about it.
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    No heat when fan on 4 or 5

    Could be hvac controls aspirator in ceiling, blower motor resister. Not sure just a few things to look into
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    Switching instrument panel gauges

    I just marked the milage on my door from my old one. Clusters go out all the time. As long as you keep good records you shouldnt have a problem. More than 10 years old, miles are exempt. Just dont try to pass off the wrong miles. The feds dont like that.
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    Replacing bench seat with captain chairs

    Not sure if you posted in the wrong part of the forum on purpose or not but ypu are in '00-'06
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    04 Esky Gauge Cluster

    I bought mine on ebay
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    265/75 r16

    Nokian WR G2's I've had them for 2 years and love them. Great in the snow, good for general off road. they don't look real tough but they work great. The supplier said I should get 50k out of them and that they are a better tire than Michelin.
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    My New Tires

    While browsing the 4 Runner forums I see that every other one has Duratrac on them. They look good on your truck. What size are you running?
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    Service 4WD

    Read some of this If the light comes on it is usually the switch on the dash. I believe they are around $100. Easy to change but sometimes it is the transfer case switches.
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    Led puddle light...

    come on preview please?
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    What is this ......

    It will eventually fail and you will have to buy a new one. They are only $25 or so. If you notice the hvac controls not working properly that is the guy you talk to right there. easy to replace too.
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    Is my 2001 Tahoe front end sagging?

    I don't think your front is low, it looks like your back end is high. You have double the wheel gap in the back that I have on mine.
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    New Spark Plugs and routine 100k maintenance

    serpentine belt idler pully a/c belt trans flush & filter front diff fluid rear diff fluid transfer case fluid
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    inherent 02-04 rear brake flaw?

    The sliders pins stuck on the rear calipers on my 01 tahoe. The brakes locked up and almost started smoking. I had to use a torch to get them out. Once lubed they work fine now.
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    THat little intake fan that everyone thinks is onstar... So how DO you fix it?

    Before I replaced mine I tried cleaning it a few times. cleaning is only a temporary fix. Your best bet is to just get a new one. I got to mine by pulling the headliner down in the middle of the driver's door and then just pushed it back up when I was done.
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    Just got tuned...OMG!!!

    If you use 87 in a motor that is programed for 93 you can wreck your motor. Detonation is bad. Google images for detonation. How much is a tune? And what other mods have you done to your motor.
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    Escalade shifter

    Got my answer. The nbs esky shifter will fit in a Tahoe/Yukon. A nnbs esky shifter will also fit in a Tahoe/Yukon. The shifter is available and it is about $160 after shipping from gm parts stores. It is available in three different colors. I will provide the following link for assistance. To...
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    Escalade shifter

    I am looking for a Cadillac Escalade shifter handle to put in my 2001 Tahoe. Then my three questions are will it work, how hard is it and how much is it going to cost me? Any info would help.
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    arm rest 01

    try cleaning it with a magic eraser, probably a junk yard/ ebay