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    2007 Yukon..Common places to check for coolant leak.

    My 2007 leaked along the rear heater lines, aluminum tubes tightly clamped every couple feet to the rocker panel. Leaked at a couple clamped areas. Rather than redesign that method of mounting the hoses, I just capped them off. BTW the AC tubing was already capped off... Many stories on the...
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    2008 Tahoe LTZ. No oil. Added 2 quarts, dipstick still doesn't show anything.

    Is the added exhaust near anything it can touch when the engine moves as you put it in gear?
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    Crazy screeching noise from '03 6.0

    I had a similar problem years ago on a small block Chevy, due to misaligned pulleys. As the serpentine belt traversed across the smooth tensioner pulley it was dragged sideways just 1/8". I had to move the alternator back 1/8" and it was finally quiet. I discovered this by putting straight...
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    What are your must-do things on new-to-you gmt900?

    Check the mounting bracket for the drivers side rear lower trailing arm. In the rust belt, they rot out and it is a big deal to repair.
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    need help identifying/naming rear frame part

    Just discovered this thread. Did the same with my 2007 Yukon. Son-in-Law donated it to me, and it had broken completely. He still drove it from repair shop to repair shop, no one wanted the job. Says it drove OK, just had this "clunk" sound. The rear end is still attached by three trailing...

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