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  1. vcode

    2023 Tahoe RST

    How does a valve cover leak oil into the cylinder?
  2. vcode

    2015 Tahoe LT 4WD Sluggish Acceleration

    First time I drove a 2016, I was shocked at the throttle response compared to my 2010. But if you floored it, it would get up and go. Should be much quicker than your old truck.
  3. vcode

    Cost of trans fluid change

    Test drove a 2020 Traverse that had the shudder so bad I didn't even go a mile. I asked the sales guy how they could even let this thing on the road? He had no answer.....
  4. vcode

    Cost of trans fluid change

    GM and Ford worked together on the 10 speed, not the 8 speed that I am aware of. Could be wrong. They did do some work together on the front drive 6/8/9 speed tranny.
  5. vcode

    FORD Dealer says "Waiting on Previous Owner/Lender" - 2021 GMC Yukon Denali

    My friend had a similar experience here in WI. He did the DMV work by mail and they mailed him a letter that said he could not get a title or license as there were lien issues. Dealer gave him the run-around and he actually had to go light a fire under the managers desk to get them to get things...
  6. vcode

    Cost of trans fluid change

    I would definitely look at an independent shop. I live in Wisconsin and have been looking for a Tahoe and many show up in Illinois. It is shocking how many dealers have zero star reviews. Unfortunately, they have been buying the dealers up here as well. Coffmann GMC was the only dealer that...
  7. vcode

    Is it worth $29500

    Maybe where you live...... At least 1/2 the triplets in this area come from auction as there are nowhere near enough trades to fulfill demand. Now one that has been to auction several times is probably priced way to high. I don't see any evidence of a rapidly falling market.....
  8. vcode

    New 2023 Yukon At4 Order - 6.2L unavailable

    5.3 uses regular, at least here in the States....
  9. vcode

    New Tahoe Pricing??? Will they move on price?

    Still $3-5K over MSRP here in SE WI. and neither local Chevy dealer has a Tahoe/Suburban/Esky on the lot.
  10. vcode

    New 2023 Yukon At4 Order - 6.2L unavailable

    6 seconds quicker to 100? Or 0-100 in 6 seconds which is not happening. Fuel consumption may be similar, but the premium required has consistently costed $1/gal more here in WI.
  11. vcode

    Is it worth $29500

    I posted before about a similar 2007 Tahoe that the dealer is still asking $29K for! Been for sale for almost a year. Lincoln dealer has a 2019 Navigator with a branded title that has been sitting on their lot for over a year @ $60K, which is at least $10K overpriced. I have seen little or no...
  12. vcode

    2012 Yukon Denali 6.2. Poor gas mileage, no codes thrown and no check engine light

    Yep, reset it while you are idling and it will read 0.0mpg until you are moving!
  13. vcode

    New Escalade IQ EV

    I can get $10K off a Lightning here in WI.
  14. vcode

    Monthly payments

    Used car prices here in WI. are still insane. $50K for a 2019 Tahoe with a lemon title.....
  15. vcode

    Hail damaged cars!

    Local Subie dealer repaired all their cars with a PDR guy and is selling them as new. No discount for previously damaged cars.
  16. vcode

    Used prices

    Maybe if it was rust free from down south.......
  17. vcode

    Too much rust?

    Looks normal for the area. Every imported Canadian truck I've seen looks like this as well. It's not the frame I would worry about. It's door seams and rear fenders.
  18. vcode

    Used prices

    Around here that buys you a 2008-2014 with 150-250K miles. Although I did see a 2016 Suburban LT with 325K miles for that price....
  19. vcode

    Used prices

    You're lucky. The only reason I am looking to replace my 2010 as it is starting to get some Wisconsin rust after 13 years. Salt is a killer here and fixing it isn't as simple as just unbolting the old part and bolting on a new one. BTW, there is a 2016 Suburban listed by me. 180K miles, $30K.
  20. vcode

    Used prices

    Carfax makes it seem like it has been for sale for quite some time at several dealers.
  21. vcode

    Used prices

    Only used in Wisconsin in the Winter...... LOL! No pics for a reason? Bet they gave the guy $9K on trade-in.
  22. vcode

    Used prices

    So much for prices of used vehicles coming down. And this is a Tahoe from a rustbucket state!
  23. vcode

    anyone getting pricing below MSRP on orders?

    What program is that? Employee pricing is only 9% below MSRP......
  24. vcode

    anyone getting pricing below MSRP on orders?

    You live in Michigan where there seem to be a lot of dealers who will do employee or supplier discounts. Proximity to corporate headquarters? They are still asking $5K over list here in Wisconsin......
  25. vcode

    Consumer reports rates 2022 Yukon 2/100 in Reliability

    Midwest Vettes of that era could have badly rusted frames. My friends Saturn Vue looked great on the outside but the front subframe literally rusted off the body. Salt is pure evil in this neck of the woods.....

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