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    Motor Oil Brand vs Consumption?

    I'm also trying the Kirkland oil after the Project Farm report. At ~180,000 miles I use about 1 quart for every 5k miles. So I usually don't add any oil, I sample it and then change the oil and filter.
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    New Mechman 250 Alternator Question

    Not sure if the design of the 2010 is similar to my 2006. The alternator is somehow connected to the "computer" as part of controlling the output. The voltage is high for awhile and then drops as the computer "thinks" the battery is charged after doing some starting work.
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    Tranny Slipping Downhill?

    I've noticed when engine braking down a fairly steep hill the connection to the transmission seems to vary. Sort of like the lockup gets turned on and off. I think this is happening because of the controls not something worn out. I have a 4L65E, at least I think I do.
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    Thermostat Not Closing All the Way?

    Not a bad idea.
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    Thermostat Not Closing All the Way?

    Pulling up the hills and all other situations the temp. is steady where it always is. I expect the thermostat to keep the temp the same in all situations except maybe at the very extremes.
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    Thermostat Not Closing All the Way?

    The other day I drove over Sonora Pass CA. On many of the downhill sections I noticed the water temp. dropping a considerable amount (to the quarter point, 150F?). It was not very cold outside (50F). I don't recall any issues in the past with the cooling system able to keep the engine at a...
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    Uh Ohh... Rear wheel bearings replacement

    I've been doing regular diff oil changes. Not sure what the previous owner did. I got the car at 100k miles. Probably as you infer the previous owner didn't change the lube. I didn't take pictures of the worn axle because it was at the local axle shop and I didn't think to take a picture. I...
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    Uh Ohh... Rear wheel bearings replacement

    FWIW - as it was explained to me - when the axle (inner race) wears the axle can move up/down/etc. and it wears out the seal. Then you start getting oil near the brake lining. I have this happening on my right side and so far it is not causing issues with braking or dripping.
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    Uh Ohh... Rear wheel bearings replacement

    FYI my axles are worn at 175k miles. The noise is getting very slightly louder as time goes on. I'm getting gear whine also. At some point I'm going to have to pull the tirgger.
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    Uh Ohh... Rear wheel bearings replacement

    I've heard that the tone rings are often damaged when changing out the bearings/axles.
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    Uh Ohh... Rear wheel bearings replacement

    Aren't the axles the inner races? Is it normally okay to just replace the bearings and reinstall the old axles? This assumes the axles show no signs of wear. Okay - mentioned above re. axle savers. Sounds like axle savers are iffy.
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    Heater Hose "T"

    I did both of mine at 170k - used from dealer oem parts along with new hoses/etc. It was a bear to get the fittings off - fingers will not be the same. Later I though of using a hose clamp to push down the clips.
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    2003 Chevy Tahoe- Transmission Fluid Change

    I have one of those Griots Garage vacuum canisters. Sounds like not an issue with sucking out as much as possible and refilling. Did you measure the amount sucked out and fill with that amount? How much did you suck out? Thanks.
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    2023 Tahoe LT Lemon

    I suggest you contact a lemon-law lawyer in your state if you are serious re. the buy back. Otherwise GM will bounce you around forever.
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    Question About Idler Arm

    In my experience the part that wears out is the rotational pivot that sort of looks like a ball joint. The pitman and idler arm have one each. If these "pivots" have any movement other than rotation you will get some slop in the steering. It could be that one wears faster than the other, I...
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    2023 Tahoe LT Lemon

    No real help here just moral support. Considering the amount of money these things cost now you expect quality and good service/respect at least while under warranty. IMO - they should be calling you most days regarding the progress. This is why many don't want a new vehicle, it's not worth...
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    Question About Idler Arm

    If you can get a e.g. large vice grip on the center link and push the vice grip front and back to twist the center link you might notice some movement. IMO - that's wear you don't want. Again I recommend replace both and in the future put some grease in every few years.
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    Question About Idler Arm

    I just had both the pitman and idler arm assy. replaced. I tried to do it myself but was not able to get the joints apart. I had both replaced and I supplied the parts. The parts were the best I could find but probably made offshore, maybe they all are at this point. I would replace the...
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    New upper radiator hose collapsed ?

    Yes, not worth messing around with trying to revive the old cap. Just get a new OEM cap and be done with it.
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    Steering Center Link and Steering Box Questions

    Excellent info. Thanks I'll check it out.
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    Rear Differential Whine

    That's frustrating to be sure. I wonder what the pattern is using the yellow paint.
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    Rear Differential Whine

    I guess I posted in the wrong place by accident. 2006, 175k miles, 2 wheel drive, carrier bearings replaced ? 35k ago. There is another thread going that I found where the guy used the paint to see what he could find. The mechanic said that the pinion bearings wear or shift. The whine is not...
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    First time rebuilding a 8.6

    I'm looking at doing this to see if I can tell where my whine is coming from. Did you clean the gears with brake cleaner? Is that necessary? Good job, I say the pattern doesn't looks pretty good. I'm no expert but I've watched maybe 5 Youtubes on this.
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    Rear Differential Whine

    This thread seems like a good place to post my question. I have a slight whine 45-55mph. I can turn it on and off by a positive throttle or lifting. The noise goes away when there is no force (floating) I call it. I was thinking of checking the gear pattern and backlash with the diff. in the...
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    No oil pressure at start up, 2001 Tahoe

    Yes, all that. Many of us have been there many times.

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