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  1. Seamus

    Dead on side of road

    Bad battery. Bad alternator. Loose connection at starter. Loose terminals. Ground. These new vehicles go nuts on a bad battery or bad connection. Keep us updated.
  2. Seamus

    My first mechanical failure on the 3.0

    What year is your truck.
  3. Seamus

    6.2L or Duramax reliability

    I am about the same. I use very little DEF under normal driving. I bought 10- 2.5 jugs a year ago and never need DEF. It goes to half right around my 5K oil change. Towing I use plenty. 1-2 jugs in 1600 miles of towing to Va.. I am doing about 12K a year and adding DEF 1-3 times of a 2.5 gallon jug.
  4. Seamus

    2023 Yukon/Oil filter and oil.

    Mechanics choice and what I use is always AC delco and mostly Wix...which is Napa silver or gold. Mobil 1 bought at Walmart for best price. Cheap, easliy found and good insurance.
  5. Seamus

    Just took delivery!

    That is a classy looking rig! Best of luck!!
  6. Seamus

    Connected services prompt constantly popping up

    Wow! Thanks so much, thats great info, much appreciated. I actually have a pickup, so this is golden. We gave up on the Yukon XL Denali for now. Awaiting a future deal. The second video applies to the new pickups and he specifies the few drawbacks...that really are no big deal, as I use Apple...
  7. Seamus

    Connected services prompt constantly popping up

    The fuse worked on many prior generation trucks. Not this one. They have gotten quite advanced and several things are tied into that module apparently. I am friends with a GM tech who pulled the whole circuit up and he tells me it cant be done without issues. Yet, there is a video on you tube...
  8. Seamus

    Connected services prompt constantly popping up

    Dont want to have a "tin foil hat" conversations about onstar or cell phones or what anyone would find out, I do not subscribe to ideology of "if your not doing anything wrong" what can they find out? That is an ignorant and naive way to think. It is privacy and they monetize and do use your...
  9. Seamus

    Connected services prompt constantly popping up

    I called Onstar to inform them I want a total disconnect from their services. I did not want or give permission to track anything on my truck and did not want their emails which confirm everytime I change a setting which confirms the fact that they are tracking everything my truck...
  10. Seamus

    Fuel quality at different stations

    I have found with this truck the 2 main factors that significantly affect fuel mileage is regens and a head wind. Have literally had the same issue and mileage always comes back....if no regen, and the wind is in my favor. Realize as your driving the road is bending and the wind is...
  11. Seamus

    Sharp Edges Under Hood

    Great idea, good stuff. There are alot of very sharp places under the hood on some of the stamped holes.
  12. Seamus

    Pricing vs MSRP

    Years ago I almost bought a hard to find Corvette Zo7 in California, I am in Florida. They had one of 2 in the country with that spec at the time. The dealer told me i could purchase and ship to Fla with no issue. BUT if i wanted to fly in and do the deal and drive home, I had to pay california...
  13. Seamus

    Tomorrow’s the big day

    Looking good!! Best of luck! A real highway hauler! I too only drove 300 miles on stock tires and immediately put on Michelin Defenders. Best tire on this truck, and adds to a wonderful ride. Great choice!
  14. Seamus

    New to me 2021 Yukon XL Denali

    Thats quite an upgrade!! I had a 2015 and 2017 Yukon XL Denali....the 2021 is leaps and bounds above those. Great ride, looking good, enjoy!!
  15. Seamus

    2015 Tahoe/Can I reuse AFM Lifter Guides?

    It is widely known to buy new ones and only use the GM ones. They are cheap. They also wear out a little nd the lifter can spin and wipe a cam. Cheap insurance, buy new GM ones. Many guys bought eBay Chinese lifter trays which are out of spec and wiped brand new cams. I just refreshed a motor...
  16. Seamus

    Finally! My yukon "Black Beauty"

    Thats a beautiful truck! Commanding appearance! Best of luck!
  17. Seamus

    New 2023 Yukon XL

    Beautiful!! Best of luck with it! Just need an open highway to conquer!!
  18. Seamus

    Whats the latest on lifters?

    Up to 2020 they only had 4 of the DOD or AFM type lifters. So mathematically your odds were lower to have an issue. I had a 2015 and a 2017 Yukon with no issues. But many people had no issues...because there were less issues. Since 2021 the new design has more of these lifters. More issues. It...
  19. Seamus

    Couple issues with 2023 Tahoe

    GM seats are terrible for many years. Had the same issue on several trucks brand new. Some are worse than others, they shim it with a kit. My current truck has had it since new but it is not bad enough that i want interaction with a dealer. Its very annoying on a brand new truck, quite ridiculous.
  20. Seamus

    2021 Or 2019/Independent rear suspension?

    2019 or 2020 have the 10 speed. Great trans. I had a 2017 Yukon Xl denali (same generation, but 8 speed trans) that was the boss when towing. Had the auto ride air shocks and was always level and towed great. The 2020 with 10 speed, solid rear axle is a great towing combo and alot cheaper than...
  21. Seamus

    Trading in my beautiful 2021 Denali for Mercedes Benz GLE 450

    We have the 9g also and its fantastic. Always in the right gear. 62k and we did the service recently. Ours is like a new truck at 62K, very different quality, but they have issues too. We havent had one issue in 62K! Having a hard time wrapping my head around 85k for a GM product that has this...
  22. Seamus

    2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate with max trailering package

    The trailer views are programmed for when a trailer is plugged in. I have heard of aftermarket way to access these views but have no personal experience. I agree the side view is fantastic even when not trailering it would be great.
  23. Seamus

    I miss my 08 PPV, and want another one.

    Great truck, the LS based PPV was great. I love the LS motors not a fan of the LT motors having had a few, but do like the power and new features. Seats suck. I would try the 2015 and up, but do a delete if the PPV has the DOD lifters. Good luck.
  24. Seamus

    2021+ GMC Yukon Pricing vs. 2019 Pre-pandemic deals w/ snapshots

    Thanks Guys, because I thought it was just me. I can...but I wont. It has gotten to an offensive place. I have been a Gm guy my whole life. Always thought it was reasonable and good bang for the buck. I own and have owned alot of cars and high end vehicles. I think they did a great job with this...
  25. Seamus

    buying 23 suburban LS diesel maybe

    A Suburban or Yukon XL with the 3.0 is gold right now and a near impossible find. I am surprised it lasted 5 minutes. Anyone not getting good fuel mileage with a 3.0 either has a problem with their truck, or are driving like a gas vehicle lowering its fuel mileage. Have to be easy on the pedal...

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