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    New engine oil filter part number?

    the manual for my 2023 Tahoe Z71 with the 5.3 says to us GM Part number 12707246 for the oil filter. This is the ACDelco part number PF63. However I just got back from the dealer and their paperwork shows they installed part number 12731742. Has anyone else’s dealer done the same? Has the old...
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    Will the Corsa cat back exhaust for a 2022 fit a 2023?

    Thanks! The transmission mounting bolt on Corsas website only says 1, when I laid everything out in my floor I was thinking I was one short! Those bolts mount the exhaust hangars to the body right? I couldn’t find any directions or videos for single to dual instructions
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    Will the Corsa cat back exhaust for a 2022 fit a 2023?

    Do you have the single to dual parts list? I ordered everything listed on Corsa's website, but it has exhaust hangars and nuts, but only 1 extra bolt. It looks like their list doesn't include the bolts required to mount the new hangars...
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    Will the Corsa cat back exhaust for a 2022 fit a 2023?

    Do you have the parts list for the single to dual?
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    Annoying squeak/rattle

    I had the exact same issue and fixed it myself with the fix posted above. Here’s pics of the latch. There is also. TSB from Chevy (# PIT5768 I believe). I tried to get my dealer to do it but mines a 2023 and they said the TSB only applies to 2022. Didn’t matter though because the grease fixed...
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    Husky Mud Guards on 2023 Z71

    Installed Husky Mud Guards on my 2023 Z71. I wanted to let everyone know they kinda suck. Issues: 1. The texture is super cheap looking and doesn't match the texture of car trim (for reference, the husky mud guards on my F-150 match the trip and seem like much higher quality) 2. The PPF strips...
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    2023 OEM Z71 20” wheel/tire weight

    Couldn’t find this answer anywhere while trying to research new setups. I finally got new wheels/tires so I weighed the old ones and here’s what I got: 82.6 lbs wheel & tire combined for OEM 20” machined aluminum wheels and OEM AT tires off my 2023 Z71. My new setup is 73.5 lbs with Brink...
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    Do you get what you pay for in Tires

    Did the tire center confirm they are the same thing? On the Costco website the tires have different speed ratings and UTQG.
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    Below msrp or invoice

    so is MSRP still a decent deal out there right now for a Z71, or will I regret it in a few months because we expect them to start dropping prices? I’ve got a 2nd kid on the way and found a dealer offering a loaded Z71 (air ride, max tow, Lux package, sunroof) for MSRP -$500 for military. My...
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    Below msrp or invoice

    Shame they don’t offer that on SUVs
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    Below msrp or invoice

    To anyone or just GM employees? If they offer the same price to any customer I’d love to know which ones
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    Anyone tried the 3D KAGU all weather cargo liner?

    I’ve seen posts about poor Velcro and poor coverage with the OEM Tahoe cargo liner mat. I’ve seen solutions for the Velcro issue, but no solutions that cover the corners it doesn’t cover and the large cap between the folding seats. Has anyone tried the 3D Kagu all weather cargo liner as an...
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    Any chance the 2024 Z71’s will get the LZ0 Diesel option?

    I know currently the LM2 doesn’t fit in the Z71 with the skid plate and bumper, but with the 2024 refresh and a different diesel engine, is it possible GM moved the inter cooler and tubing enough to make it possible to fit into a Z71? I can’t find anything on the internet about this, but maybe...
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    2023 Tahoe LT Lemon

    Salesman at local dealer said they have 2 2023 Tahoes in for fuel injector issues, so it seems like a common issue. Parts are also on back order so they’ve been in the shop for weeks without being fixed.
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    How do you track vehicles in transit to dealers

    Ah fair enough, worth a shot asking
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    How do you track vehicles in transit to dealers

    I found a Tahoe in transit to a dealership. They said it is in transit with an ETA of 31 December. Is there a way for me to track the movement of the vehicle myself or is that something only the dealer can do? I remember when I got a ford there was a way for me to access the railroads website...
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    All Tahoes on constraint except premiers?

    Thanks, so my dealer just misspoke? I’m guessing what they were really saying was they only have an allocation for a premier not a Z71?
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    All Tahoes on constraint except premiers?

    Got off the phone with my dealer today, they said they have a Tahoe/Suburban allocation but they’re only able to put in for a Premier trim level, nothing else. Does this sounds right? Essentially saying every trim level is on constraint except premier? We’ve been waiting since May on a Z71 w/...
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    Costco - $1K off Tahoe/Suburban

    If you read the fine print, this Costco rebate is good at any Chevy dealer. Not just the ones in the Costco auto program. It works the same as any other manufacturer rebate. Costco auto program dealers are something else entirely, they essentially have some deal with Costco where they sell cars...
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    Veterans Discount Reminder

    I talked to a salesman and he said the same thing unfortunately
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    Do you know if this applies to Tahoes as well? My dealer says I’m #1 on their list and they have an allocation but max tow is on constraint. I’m trying to figure out if they’re blowing smoke up my ass because the way I see it it should be accepted by GM by now if all constraints are gone and...
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    Veterans Discount Reminder

    Thanks for the info! Does it say how much the discount is? Is it the same cost as supplier pricing? I’m guessing this is in addition to the $500 military incentive they have as well
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    Fall 2022 - Tahoe constraints

    Since the max tow package is part of the Z71 off-road package does that also put that entire package on constraint? Or is the max tow package only on constraint as a standalone option?
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    Does the 2023 5.3L come with auto start/stop?

    I built a 2022 Tahoe online and it had multiple features missing such as heated seats, steering lock, and parking assist. It also said somewhere (can’t remember where either on GMs site or forums somewhere) that the 5.3L engine in 2022 didn’t come with auto start/stop due to chip shortage. Has...
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    Max Trailering Package Constraint?

    My dealer finally has an allocation for my Tahoe order but said the max trailering package is on constraint. They asked if I wanted to remove that option and get it ordered now or wait until it’s off constraint. I opted to wait as I want that package, but the dealer couldn’t give me any info on...

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