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    Rear end oil change

    Lots of misinformation about the limited slip additive and what its purpose is. Again, truck and suvs DO NOT have a limited slip differential!
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    ATF Lacks Cleaning Detergents

    Depends on what year and what ATF was called for.
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    ATF Lacks Cleaning Detergents

    The concern of using an ATF in place of a flush is chemical incompatibility with engine seal material. ATF has been known to over swell engine seals and cause leaks and premature failure.
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    ATF Lacks Cleaning Detergents

    Dexron VI IS NOT a pao synthetic. Its what is referred to as a Group III base stock, PAO is Group IV Nothing GM branded is PAO. The highest grade Dexron is Dexron HP in the 8-sp and Dexron ULV in the 10-sp What are GTL Base oils? They are synthetic paraffinic base oils obtained using...
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    Oil change proof question...

    You got to read the fine print in these extended warranties. Most don't realize this they are really not warranties BUT Service Contracts which is usually stated right in the paper work. They can put any loophole in there they want and you agree to it by making the purchase.
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    GM engine in Chevy Express

    GM RPO Code: L8T Type: 6.6L V-8 gasoline Bore & Stroke (in / mm): 4.06 x 3.86 / 103.25 x 98 Block Material: Cast iron with nodular iron main caps Cylinder Head Material: Cast aluminum Compression Ratio: 10.8:1 Valvetrain: Overhead-valve, two valves per cylinder, variable valve timing...
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    Issue with 2023 Tahoe

    Well you are basically driving a computer. So anomalies are bound to occur that can't be explained...
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    Rear end oil change

    Although the G80 in trucks and sport utilities uses clutches, it is a full locker. If you use a friction additive this can reduce torque / load carrying capacity and is not recommended. IT IS NOT A LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL. those are typically installed in performance cars such as the Camaro...
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    My Yukon Denali 2022 dead battery second time !

    I agree with above, don't start it and let it run for 10 min. It could take up to 30 miles or 15 min of city driving to replace the juice used to start it. I put one of these on my cousins Jeep Cherokee. Takes 5 min to hook up. She drives about 3,000 miles a year and it sits for weeks and goes...
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    Truck Stuck in Purgatory

    Maybe because it was NOT ordered as a sold order it has low priority? Don't really know but sold orders have the highest priority and even then it takes a long time to arrive. Its only been approx. 2 months. All the logistics is understaffed and all these train derailments and there was one in...
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    2022 Tahoe w- 7950 miles dead in the road

    They have contracts with dedicated trucking company's to deliver parts to the dealer and they will not send Fedex or UPS. Many parts are there the next day but some parts are not inventoried in all distribution centers. For instance when the lifters failed in my 6.2L they had to wait till the...
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    2022 Tahoe w- 7950 miles dead in the road

    Unfortunately GM does NOT care about the individual customer who is just one small spec in their vast kingdom. They pass that on to the dealer and very few dealers give a rats arse about the customer. The salesmen earn bonus's for selling and the service managers get bonus's for reducing...
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    Very dark ash gray / walnut

    I have the color interior in my Sierra Denali. I like it,
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    2023 Tahoe Premier Does Not List DFM on the window sticker

    My point was not that they did away with, but that they don't blatantly advertise as they did in the past. Probably because of the bad reputation of DFM engines. According a friend who is in parts at local dealer, they stock all parts to R & R the lifters and its not uncommon for them to see 1...
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    2023 Tahoe Premier Does Not List DFM on the window sticker

    Friend is considering buying one from dealer inventory and looking over the window sticker, no where does is mention Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) nor does is says Not Equipped with DFM. They seemed to have made a conscious effort to downplay DFM? 2023 TAHOE 4WD PREMIER EXTERIOR: BLACK...
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    2021 Denali - Vehicle Knock, Stutters, Surges, Rough Acceleration - In Auto Mode, After Lifting Rods Replaced

    Bad Advice, all tires MUST be same air pressure or problem will arise. GM Diagnostic Info Driveline noises in 4WD or AWD vehicles caused by loading may be mistaken for transfer case or front axle noise because they can sound very similar. Four-wheel drive noises caused by loading may exhibit...
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    2021 Denali - Vehicle Knock, Stutters, Surges, Rough Acceleration - In Auto Mode, After Lifting Rods Replaced

    AUTO turns it into an ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Many All Wheel Drive Vehicle on the road so those that say to not use it are offering personal opinion not based on factual informatiion. AUTOMATIC TRANSFER CASES The last category is a combination of 4WD and On Demand AWD. These transfer cases have a...
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    2021 Denali - Vehicle Knock, Stutters, Surges, Rough Acceleration - In Auto Mode, After Lifting Rods Replaced

    What are lifting rods you are referring to??? Or do you mean pushrods inside the engine?
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    limited slip diff type?

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    Purchasing nightmare

    Dealers only receive allocation if earned ...some weeks it is not earned and not available... Allocations – The number of a particular vehicle model a dealer is assigned by GM. Dealers are now awarded allocation based on past performance.
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    limited slip diff type?

    The G80 locker responds to slippage. They do not prevent slippage as a true limited-slip, or "posi" does. One wheel has to get spinning for it to engage. One the right and left RPM and been brought to equal speeds by the clutches, it disengages. Keep in mind that the G80 is mechanically...
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    limited slip diff type?

    ¨ Optional Equipment (G80 Order Code) on all GM two-wheel and four-wheel drive light trucks and sport utilities. Benefits ¨ Improved traction differentiates the vehicle relative to other rear wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles on the market. ¨ Maintenance free; requires no lube additives. ¨...
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    Dealers suck.

    Very similar thing happened to a friend. He thought he made the deal to buy this 4wd Silverado on Friday pm to pickup oon Monday. When he showed up Monday with the cash, truck was gone. Sold to someone else. The salesman claimed he did not formally tell them he would buy the truck and since...
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    2022 Lifter Issue? - w/video, out of state issue (edit: thrust bearing broke)

    I was told by a acquaintance who is a parts man at local dealer, they have had 2022 with lifter problems. He also me they only recently changed part numbers on the DFM lifters so hopefully its the solution. My 2021 has had the lifters replaced 2x in 20,000 miles, first time the left bank was...
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    Potential Lifter Issue Post Factory “Fix”

    A friend had his 2021 6.2L fail for the 2nd time, first time was Nov 2021 and they replaced 1 bank of lifters. Then last week engine started making noise and dealer said, lifters. So they tore it apart last Tuesday and found 3 collapsed, one of left bank (replaced before) and 2 on right bank...

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