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  1. Jamet

    2002 Yukon Denali - Arnott Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kits?

    Hello, I bought this '02 GMC Yukon Denali ~3 months ago, has about 155k miles on it. Was pretty solid, seemed like it sat for a while as an extra car. Had noisy belt, so right away I did oil change and upper serp belt & tensioner. Mostly work from home these days and this is my local work run...
  2. Jamet

    What to Buy? Tahoe vs Yukon Denali

    Thanks for all the input, I'm a little more weary about the Denali's now. I will be checking out the Tahoe tomorrow morning and if I don't buy that I may still check out the Denali as it's only ~1 hour furthur in the same direction.
  3. Jamet

    What to Buy? Tahoe vs Yukon Denali

    Yes, locally there is BLM land that I like to frequent for target shooting with friends that needs 4wd to get up the mountains if not absolutely dry. I can make it up there no problem in the rain in my parents 3rd gen 4runner when I need to borrow it, but my buddies 2wd Tahoe couldn't make it...
  4. Jamet

    What to Buy? Tahoe vs Yukon Denali

    Hello, I've never really been an SUV/Truck guy, mostly muscle cars and the like. Currently drive a '71 Monte Carlo, but need something that's a little better for daily commuting (not long distance, 10-15miles, so gas mileage isn't a concern), hauling my dogs around, and going camping and such...

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