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    2021 Tahoe wireless CarPlay not working

    So I actually just took mine into the dealership for this very issue. Both mine and the wife’s are having car play issues… furthermore mine is having on star issues.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Believe me when I say Ive never seen a combo like it either. I still don’t know how it’s level.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Ole spacers my man, I was gonna go for 3.5 but the rear is just too ugly to be raising that high.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    So finally finished and I’m not even sure how but front lift is 2.5 and rear is 2.0 with 35x12.5R20 and it’s now level. Some rubbing but nothing that can’t be fixed.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    It’s a 2.5 inch I dunno why it tried to link anything, but the tires are mileking something I didn’t want them but that’s all they had. I myself prefer cooper. I do have a question I see where the rubbing is it’s toward the inside in the rear, what’s the best way to trim this or move the liner...
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    So I did the thing, went with 2.5 and 35x12.5x20 on 0mm… definitely gonna need some trimming and have to go back to get rear leveled out but i got called into work and had to schedule another day the border has slim pickings on tires.. and everything lol.
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Well I know that the rough country kit has more parts than just 4 spacers but I’m still curious to see your Tahoe looks great man!
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    Looking good I’m still debating on the leveling kit from CCM vs the rough country… I only am hesitant because the rear end is ugly as is and the taller the vehicle the more it shows. On another note I live near this shop how much did they charge?
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    CCM leveling kit questions

    Do you know if technically 35s with cutting would work and also would it work on 2022 I know I used that kit on my 2010 but it still looks the same and not updated and worry it won’t work on the 2021s
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    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    So I’m working on a project here and after discussing this with a friend of mine he has a leveling kit on a truck with 35x12.5x20 what would stop that from working on a Tahoe? I’m getting 34x11.4x20 so if I can go up to 35 I wouldn’t mind…
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    CCM leveling kit questions

    Is this is the one with the 1 in the rear?
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    EdgyMods w/ 35s

    What level or lift do you have on this? It’s what I’m aiming for!
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    2021 Leveling/Larger tires

    How far do the tires stick out on this bad ass hoe??
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    2021 Infotainment frozen/onstar is red

    I don’t think it’s the carpet though as I have vinyl flooring supposedly they did an update yesterday… so we will see…
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    2021 Infotainment frozen/onstar is red

    Not that I can tell but then again I don’t know what to look for, what would be the best way to find out if it is leaking?
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    2021 Infotainment frozen/onstar is red

    I don’t know if anyone has experienced this but it’s happened twice now and it seems is now starting to be an issue… Anyways, my infotainment system froze up the other day again.. and I noticed it was the same issue I would get the Chevy emblem, then lose my wifi/CarPlay and then blue tooth and...
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    Pasco PD

    I dunno man after driving mine it makes weird mechanical sounds when I’m outside like it’s airing down something.
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    Front turn signal bulb.....

    Did you ever find the replacement bulb/size?
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    Question about the Headlights

    What did you tell them was wrong with it or diagnosis paperwork? I cant get the dealers to help at all. I am now dealing with 3 of them that all say its how it is supposed to be when I know for sure it is not.
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    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    Replaced the sensor but nothing happened :( or they said they did and did not… I have trust issues with the dealerships.
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    Question about the Headlights

    Well, replaced the sensor and it is till doing it, dealership is utterly useless. Any thoughts? Lol
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    Rear suspension sits low

    The Suspension components being low… it’s kinda worrisome that they sit as low as they do especially with the picture above.
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    Stock offset

    Good evening y’all! I was wondering if anyone knew a place where we can calculate the differences in offset like a website or something? Please let know thanks guys!

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