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  1. Donnie Yukonie

    Thinking of Buying a 91-99 OBS Tahoe/Suburban? Look Here

    This is a good one. I dont have permissions at the moment to update this thread but it is in need of a refresh due to its age and with 40k views ill see if i can get in touch with the admins to let me play with it one night and fix a bunch of stuff.
  2. Donnie Yukonie

    Escalade Forum Section.

    What about a section all about @yates ™
  3. Donnie Yukonie

    Hi I'm a new member here

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Donnie Yukonie

    Gas Guzzler Tax

    looked it up , appears to affect only the Sale, lease or transfer of ownership to a motorvehicle (non commercial) that gets less than 21.5 mpg. and it appears to be a one time tax
  5. Donnie Yukonie

    Gas Guzzler Tax

    what the hell is a gas guzzler tax?
  6. Donnie Yukonie

    New guy 99 GMC Suburban K1500 wheel question

    to be safe a OE size tire should fit fine. any larger and you might have issues.
  7. Donnie Yukonie

    '92 yukon

    Welcome to the forum. the 92's are extremely rare as the 4 door variants were not a thing yet and being that it was the first model year of a new body buyers were hesitant. the most recent data i could find stated that only about 14 thousand were sold in the US market. mine is just a SLE but i...
  8. Donnie Yukonie

    New guy 99 GMC Suburban K1500 wheel question

    yes they will fit i put 18s on my 1992 with zero issues. the problem comes with tires. i would get close to a stock tire size as possible. Some guys fit 33s on it with minimal trimming.
  9. Donnie Yukonie

    Don's 1992 GMC Yukon 2 door project ZFG

    i was stationed at MCguire AFB. so centeral ish. i lived in Browns mills, and last couple of years in Bordentown. im back in NC now.
  10. Donnie Yukonie

    Don's 1992 GMC Yukon 2 door project ZFG

    Not much of an update to this truck, added some 2017 GMC wheels to it since i couldnt find a decent set of sawblade center caps. Retired it from my DD after i left the military. Thinking of doing a good rework to some of it but got some home projects to do first
  11. Donnie Yukonie

    NathanJax's 2007 Crew Cab Silverado Build thread

    This is the perfect amount of low IMO. from this pic to how you have it now did it change much of the ride? Looks good btw
  12. Donnie Yukonie

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    man these are some good looking trucks
  13. Donnie Yukonie

    Fool me twice?

    Across the board i don't like any of the new stuff... Dads 2017 Silverado with5.3 needed top end rebuilt after the AFM collapsed spring problem 30k miles best friends 2018 Ford raptor 3.5. engine needs overhaul after rear main seal failed causing some kind of oil pressure issue and "bent or...
  14. Donnie Yukonie

    Transmission too cold?

    Nope transmissions are essentially a big hydrualic pump. being a bit "cold" is better than too hot. heats the worst enemy of any trans.
  15. Donnie Yukonie

    5.7 Distributor Ain't it a Grand Design!!

    interesting. i am on my "second" dizzy since the truck was purchased with 86k miles . ran the way we bought it till around 150 ish and i replaced it. currently at 230 with zero issues
  16. Donnie Yukonie

    Can’t find info on dash removal

    Thats a fair point 6 years is long enough for @yates ™ to take a truck from stock to modded back to stock and PRAWFIT.
  17. Donnie Yukonie

    K&N oil filters disappointment

    Ive never really cared what oil filter I've used. I had years I used Fram and years ive used puralator or WIX. they all look dirty enough when Im done with them so I figured what the hell
  18. Donnie Yukonie

    Can’t find info on dash removal

    Your in the right category. but with those trucks still being "quite new" most guys probably haven't dug into them yet. have you tried YouTube?
  19. Donnie Yukonie

    99 tahoe with 5.7 won’t stay running!

    Not always. may be unrelated to this problem but the old plastic fuel spiders when they would go bad they would just kill the truck at slow speeds like he's describing. and you wouldn't get a DTC. As for his issue I agree he needs to get a gauge on it while running. last year I had a problem...
  20. Donnie Yukonie

    Bought a 2003 z71 suburban

    2 2-doors, both look to be 94 or below ?
  21. Donnie Yukonie

    Damn this thing is pretty

    Good-looking truck man
  22. Donnie Yukonie

    Differential drop bracket

    IF your goal is 2-3 inches of lift over stock you can just crank the keys a bit. your ride will stiffen and depending on how much you crank you might develop a tire wear issue because the tires will start towing out. I wouldn't recommend just throwing a diff drop bracket by itself in unless you...
  23. Donnie Yukonie

    Poor G M Customer Relations

    Ouch, I had a similar experience with my dads 2016 Silverado 5.3. I took the truck up to NJ on a business trip. Same thing happened . check engine light , stumbling collapsed lifters and 2 bent pushrods. at the time the truck had 38,000 miles . and of course being this was last year out of...
  24. Donnie Yukonie

    Fuel Pump Lock Ring

    I was going to say when I bought my 2 doors new fuel pump it came with a new lock ring. can't remember on the 4 door though its been a while
  25. Donnie Yukonie

    Wheel and tire combo

    I actually got my take offs from a dealership . there's a few around here that have loads of extra wheel and tire setups that they dont know what to do with.

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