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    Tahoe_Life_’s 2004 Tahoe Build Thread

    This past weekend, I swapped the wheel and tire combo. Due to a poor alignment, the front tires were basically bald on the outer half, so it was time. Decided to move from 16" to 20" wheels in preparation for a GMT900 or K2XX brake upgrade down the line. Went with XD820 Wheels and LT285/60/R20...
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    Tahoe_Life_’s 2004 Tahoe Build Thread

    Finally getting this thread started. Had intentions of starting this a long time ago, but life got in the way. Shortly after purchase, I added LED headlight bulbs, fog lights, reverse bulbs, puddle lamps, and interior lights. Also swapped from the depo-style projectors to aftermarket reflector...
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    Dim Low Beams 2016 Tahoe

    From what I recall, 2015-2016/2017 LS/LT Tahoe/Suburban and corresponding Yukons had the DRL as the high beam bulb at a lower intensity, and 2018+ moved all models to the LED strip previously reserved only for the models with HID headlights. I’m wondering if your light sensor might be out? When...
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    Second Row Bench Won’t Fold

    Hey all — ‘04 Tahoe LT. Originally equipped with bucket seats. I picked it up 4 months ago with 182k on the clock. With a family of 5, I was looking for a bench seat to replace the buckets and finally found one and got them installed. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize they didn’t fold...
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    Tahoe_Life_’s 2004 Tahoe Build Thread

    Picked up this ‘04 Tahoe last week. LT, Sunroof, Captains Chairs, and the very rare AWD system. Picked it up with 182k on the clock locally, two-owner truck previously. Currently lifted up about 2.5” on cranked keys and a rear spacer, along with 295/70/R16 Cooper Discover AT3 XLT tires and 2”...
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    Return to Stock Height…

    Hi all, New to the forum here. Just purchased a 04 Tahoe last week. Currently it’s lifted about 2.5” (Cranked torsion bars and a spring spacer according to the previous owner) and oversized tires (295/70/R16 Cooper Discover AT3 XLT) and I’m hoping to return it to a closer to stock height and...

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