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    Transmission shutter/leaking

    Update: Checked the vent tube, I pulled it off and I shoved safety wire into the vent tube port that goes into the transmission. The safety wire came out clean and it went it with no problem. I check the vent tube extension that I pulled off as well. No issues there. But I did find some other...
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    Transmission shutter/leaking

    Yeah I’ll give that a shot, I looked it up and it makes sense, it fits a lot of my symptoms. I did get it stuck in mud last winter for quite a long time, it was bottomed out with all 4 wheels spinning. Had to get it pulled out with a winch so it might have just been accumulating in there for a...
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    Transmission shutter/leaking

    I have a friend that does a lot of my car stuff that I can’t do because he has a lift. He probably has a tech 2 device, but I’m not sure. He would honestly help me with this problem and would probably know what it is instantly but he’s just too busy to look at stuff right now so I figured I...
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    Transmission shutter/leaking

    Hi there, so I have a 98 GMC Yukon, 4 wheel drive. It has ~262,500 miles, and I take extremely good care of it. It’s always had a slight shake to it on the highway and I replaced the entire front end trying to find the problem, and I think it came down to the hub assembly and CV’s. But after I...
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    1999 Tahoe 5.7L 350 engine

    This interests me. Keep updating, sorry for the shitty situation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Highway Shaking

    Could the sway bar really make it shake like that? Because one of my sway bar end link bushings is missing and makes a pop when I turn hard right sometimes. Noticed it was missing a couple months ago, hadn't got around to getting a new one. Probably going to replace the whole sway bar soon...
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    Highway Shaking

    Alright thanks! Ive noticed that the wheel is hot after I drive it but I can't tell if that's the brake or the hub. I'll pull it off tonight and see if there's anything off, and get it realigned soon because I have a 6 month warranty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Highway Shaking

    So start with the hub? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Highway Shaking

    Hello! I have a 98 GMC Yukon and as said in the title I'm getting a shaking/vibration when I reach speeds 50 and above. About a year or two ago I hydroplaned into a curb going ~40MPH. It bent my rim, and that's when the shaking started. I got new rims since then and put the same tires on...
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    ECU Flash

    Hello again, I own a 98 GMC Yukon (5.7l V8). Was wondering what device I could use to flash my ECU (for performance)? I had a 05 Subaru WRX a while back, and we used COBB AccessPORT Tuners to Flash our ECU's on the go. You could backup and load ECU tunes whenever you wanted, is there a device...
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    Bad heat smell

    I'm about to get them cut off, they are horrible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bad heat smell

    5.7 [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bad heat smell

    Hey guys, I have 1998 GMC Yukon 4.7l V8. I was doing a U turn on the highway, and I floored it to get to 65 MPH really quickly so the people behind me didn't need to stop. After I did that, I smelt a horrible burning/rubbery smell in the cab, I also heard some clicking, like plastic BB's in a...
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    ECU tuning

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to put this but I'm trying to get into the ECU tuning business as a hobby. I can't find much about how to do it on the internet, so I came to you all to ask you some questions. -Can you remap your ECU through the OBD port? -How expensive will...
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    How to fix bouncing aND shaking fuel needle

    I've had that problem as well. If you know you have a newish fuel pump, it could be a bad ground. If you don't have a new fuel pump it could be a bad stepper motor in your instrument cluster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check engine light!

    Hey guys, I have a 1998 GMC Yukon and my check engine light came on AGAIN! The first time it came on, me and my dad looked at it (my dad knows a lot about these trucks). He decided upon back pressure. We took it to autozone, and nothing came up, so they cleared it. So today I was driving and it...
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    GMC Yukon Mods

    That's crazy looking. Are they bright? rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Does a fuel injected motor use more fuel than a throttle body motor? rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Gas smell in cab!

    Thanks rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Truck backfire

    Yeah my dad knows a lot about these trucks, and he said to take it to autozone and let them plug it up because it could be as simple as a O2 sensor. But he said it's probably distributor, or wires. rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Truck backfire

    The truck has had a lot of work done before he bought it. Him and his dad bought it, and they don't know shit about vehicles. They should have known that something was up when they saw a K&N filter hanging on it. The truck had to be towed to a mechanic when they bought it. The truck had racing...
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    Truck backfire

    Back again, my brothers truck (5.7l v8 vortec 350) is backfiring hard, and he went to turn, and when he was about to hit the gas the truck died. He said it took about 5 minutes to start. Does that sound like a valve problem, or what do you guys think? rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    5.7L Vortec Superchargers?

    Whipple superchargers are really good on 5.7l if you can find one. rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Truck is slow

    My dad has a 96 Yukon throttle body, and it has a torque converter. It woke it up a little down end. rAiN Twist - YouTube
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    Truck is slow

    Yeah, didn't take it that way. I was just stating what I have, and comparing. rAiN Twist - YouTube

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