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  1. trevcda

    I think I killed her...

    Yeah, think how surprised I was! They even spelled "Chevy" wrong on the body emblems! But the mileage, price and towing capacity fit the bill and as much as I tend to prefer GM, most because I know how to work on them, I'm pretty brand agnostic.
  2. trevcda

    I think I killed her...

    I got my wrist slapped back when I first joined, so I've had that my signature for awhile. I didn't know about the rotate thing, but I usually access this site on a laptop. To this day, I still have no idea what "air pump" I reference in my signature is, but somebody asked about it, so I...
  3. trevcda

    I think I killed her...

    Info in signature.
  4. trevcda

    I think I killed her...

    I'm pretty sure I blew a head gasket. In the process the coolant got flushed into the engine block and and out the intake. Instead of the usual equipment trailer, I had a bike rack on the back. Having just come back from a long bicycle ride and not towing anything, I wasn't watching for...
  5. trevcda

    Parasitic drain 99 Tahoe z71

    Check the vanity mirrors in your sun visors. The plastic can get weak and break on the hinge part. Unfortunately, with the cover still over them, they may be on and you'll never see it unless you happen to be in a very dark place with no street lights and happen to catch a sliver of light. My...
  6. trevcda

    Bought a Bosch Fuel Pump. Should i return it?

    Make sure you replace the filter while your in there. In fact, some fuel pumps will not have a warranty unless you replace the filter.
  7. trevcda

    WTB American Racing wheel for 1999 OBS Ducks Unlimited Tahoe

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Adriver, I think he is replacing the tires but keeping the rims in the last post. The one before that is selling a full set and I'm sure shipping would kill me. I've found a complete set of OEM Tahoe wheels to get me by, as Dracon recommended, but I'm still on...
  8. trevcda

    WTB American Racing wheel for 1999 OBS Ducks Unlimited Tahoe

    Wow! Thanks, that's awesome! I do appreciate you keeping an eye out. Unfortunately, I am in the Pacific Northwest so shipping would be a little prohibitive for all four of them.
  9. trevcda

    WTB American Racing wheel for 1999 OBS Ducks Unlimited Tahoe

    Bumping one time before I start my new thread, "For Sale- Three American Racing Wheels"!
  10. trevcda

    Large GPS

    Also sorry to hear about your wife. A tape deck will not provide voltage to run another piece of equipment. But you could take almost any GPS, power it from the cigarette lighter and use the headphone out on the GPS to play audio through your factory cassette player, using one of these...
  11. trevcda

    Wipers on the fritz

    This old thread covers it nicely:
  12. trevcda

    WTB American Racing wheel for 1999 OBS Ducks Unlimited Tahoe

    I am desperately looking for a 16" American Racing wheel that came stock on a 1999 OBS Ducks Unlimited Tahoe. I have three of them. The other one, and the tire mounted to it, decided it needed to get where we were going before the rest of the Tahoe and passed me doing 70mph into on coming...
  13. trevcda

    Beavers and Ducks

    There was in the OBS, I think possibly into the next generation. Speaking of zombie threads, here's thread from awhile back about that model- Mine is the same as that one without the video system...
  14. trevcda

    Beavers and Ducks

    Yeah, unintentionally totally zombie threaded that one. I drive a Duck's Unlimited Tahoe and thought somebody had started a DU specific forum thread in the Northwest section. Carry on...
  15. trevcda

    High Mileage?

    That's where I'm at; I can change out most parts mechanically and electrically. Drivetrain and engine is where I bring in somebody that knows what they're doing! Just had the oil pan changed due to a stripped oil plug. Thank you, crappy oil change chain store that still tells me I need new...
  16. trevcda

    Beavers and Ducks

    Geeze, I got excited for minute there!
  17. trevcda

    High Mileage?

    This is good to hear! I'm sitting at 177,000 miles. I've had to replace various things over the last couple of years (read: nickel and diming) and the paint is getting rough, but for the most part the drive train is solid. I was thinking I'd have start looking for a replacement in the near...
  18. trevcda

    Need help guys...ckunk sound when coming to a stop

    I'm thinking suspension. Maybe failed shocks shifting. I'd have a good looks at my shocks, springs and shackles.
  19. trevcda

    Help! Can I swap a 2005 steering column into a 2001 to get radio controls?

    If the electronics for the remote are contained within the steering wheel, you would also need an after market steering wheel audio control adapter, to convert whatever factory radio protocol it uses to whatever your aftermarket deck is. However, if it's just buttons and the electronics are...
  20. trevcda

    97 yukon door hinges

    Can you post some pictures of the faulty part? I can almost envision what your saying, but I'd like to look at it before making any suggestions.
  21. trevcda

    Power door lock issue

    I verified that My 1999 OBS does do this. So you may be looking at two different, but closely related circuits here.
  22. trevcda

    Temp gauge fluctuating after coolant change...

    The only time my temp gauge fluctuated like that was when I was low on coolant. Get a gallon of premixed coolant (or distilled water if you are in no danger of freezing or overheating) and dump it into the reservoir and see if your temp gauge doesn't even out. If it does, you will know that...
  23. trevcda

    Headlight problem

    This is most likely your headlight switch. It has a circuit breaker in that just seems to get tired and will cut off the headlights, leaving you with your daytime running lights. That's why that dash light comes on. You're lucky though; at least your daytime running lights are operating...
  24. trevcda

    Headliner cleaning

    Spray it on and let it foam and soak in a bit to loosen up things and then wipe it off. Repeat as needed. As with any new product, test it in a small inconspicuous area first, but I've never had an issue with it.
  25. trevcda

    Headliner cleaning

    I used to use a Sprayway Foaming Glass Cleaner for that kind thing. It was really good about pulling odors and nicotine out of fabrics. Also great at shining chrome and (surprise) cleaning glass.

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