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    where is this hvac harness referenced in tsb?

    Thanks, I was beginning to think nobody would figure it out. That kind of looks like it is it. I was completely focused on the drivers side since it said "instrument panel". I don't consider the passenger side to be part of the instrument panel but your picture matches pretty well and you can...
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    where is this hvac harness referenced in tsb?

    I'm working on tracking down some HVAC issues on my 2003 tahoe. I've been checking grounds/connectors/power before I get into the hvac itself. I located a TSB about a common problem with hvac wires chafing on a support but for the life of me I can't picture in my mind where this is or how to...
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    Stepper motor replaced, Speedo still not working

    Pull the cluster and break it down so you can look at the circuit board. Look for heat discoloration around any of the surface mount resistors/diodes. If you find any, reflow the solder on them. My tachometer was acting flaky and it was a surface mount resistor bad solder joint. You see...
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    Blessing My Brothers With GM 1999-2006 Chilton Repair Manual

    I downloaded it fine, and my antivirus/malware software shows it is fine and safe. Thank you.
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    Tachometer randomly not working/flaky/ok sometimes

    My tachometer on my 2003 Tahoe z71 142k miles recently started acting up. Sometimes it was fine, sometimes it was working but very inaccurate, and sometimes not working at all. I pulled the cluster out to check the solder on the pins where the connector is and they were all perfect so I didn't...

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